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Mike Margolies

Mental Coach, Sport Psychology Consultant, Author and Public Speaker, Radio Host | The Mental Game


Want to build a better team that performs under pressure? Let Mike Margolies show you the Game within the Game!



Mike Margolies Publication Mike Margolies Publication


Game within the Game- Intro to Mental Training Chaos, zones and imagery in soccer


The Old Man Story What kind of Quarterback are you? Be Bold, Do Good, Change Lives The Bear Story Mike Margolies- Speaker, Author & Sport Psychology Consultant




Mike Margolies Will Help You Not Choke When it Counts so You Can Perform Like the Champion that You Are.
Mike Margolies specializes in emotional intelligence and the mental game that challenges us every day. Having worked extensively with professional and elite athletes for over three decades, Mike has helped thousands of people just like you incorporate the mindset of a champion. Whether you are building a new team or helping your current team enhance performance, Mike has a program that will help you get there.
Leadership, Teamwork, Attitude, Stress Management and Goal Achievement are just a few areas that are impacted when you conquer the challenges of your Mental Game.
Mike has trained professional and elite athletes as well as helped guide many of them to World Championships, the Super Bowl and now the world Cup. To be your best, you have to master your Mental Game. But do you know how to play the game? As an internationally known writer, speaker and presenter, he himself is a former high school, college and professional athlete. He is the author of "The Athlete within You": A Mental Approach to Sports and Business, and is available for your corporate talks, seminars, workshops as well as individual executive and management training.
Be Bold, Do Good, Change Lives
Mike will show you how to play the Game within the Game, revealing the Athlete within You! As a Certified Mental Trainer®, Sport Psychology Consultant, Author, Radio Host, and Professional Speaker. The Athlete within You is waiting to emerge. Maybe you just need to learn the rules. Let Mike show you how you can win your mental game.

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Business Services

Training and Development

Sport - Amateur

Human Resources

Sport - Professional

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Sport Psychology

Mental Training in Business & Sports

Team Building


Emotional Intelligence

Mental Toughness

Accomplishments (9)

1st Independent Sports Seminar in Bahrain (professional)


Conducted the first independent sports seminar ever for the Kingdom of Bahrain. Presented the Game within the Game for Sports to 130 athletes, coaches and administrators. Seminar was so successful I have been asked to return in May of 2014 to present the Game within the Game to the Bahraini Business and Financial Community.

Authored - The Athlete within You- a mental approach to sports and business (professional)


I believe the concept of “scholar athlete” it is of critical importance as a role model for today’s youth. For over 35 years, I have striven to be that role model. I have written or presented over 30 papers on sport psychology, soccer and the environment. I have written a book on sports psychology (The Athlete Within You) released July 2011. My first paper was delivered at a National Convention on Stress Management. At 25 years old, I was the youngest presenter at the conference.

Working with an Olympic hopeful (professional)

I consulted with a world class decathlete and helped prepare him for the Moscow Olympics. He used what I taught him to increase his point totals in seven of his ten events. He achieved a 21% performance improvement in > than 1 year, a phenomenal increase for a world class athlete already at the top of his game. We lost contact over the years, but he recently found me because he wanted to thank me for what I did for him 30 years ago. I have worked with many other World Class & Professionals.

Training for the World Championships (professional)

Training the 4th ranked US figure skater for eleven months to prepare her for the World Championships was a real challenge. For a grueling eleven months I coached her to acquire the necessary skills of mental toughness and unwavering determination to handle the stress of international competition. I taught her to cope with the pressure of her competitors and her coach. She won the Bronze Medal. She earned a spot on the US Olympic Team.

Business Development (professional)

I served on two companies Board of Directors, Served as Director of Environmental Affairs for ten years and Directed the business development for 3 other companies. During this time I ushered in a new era with the first battery recycling permit in California and Alberta Canada. With another environmental company I took over a territory rated last within the company and in one year was tied for fist in Revenue.

To become a World Champion (professional)

Trained a 15 year old figure skater. He was technically great, but inconsistent. By utilizing relaxation training and cognitive behavioral intervention exercises, I taught him to stay relaxed and stress free even during tough competition. I also trained him on how to utilize his emotions to portray feeling on the ice without loss of focus. He won the World Jr. Championship at 16. He later became a two –time World Champion and went to the Olympics.

Teaching in College (professional)

I have taught and coached at four universities. I was fortunate to be able to develop my own curriculum for training new coaches. Ever a believer in grass roots community development, I created a community-based course on the Psychology of Coaching that I used as a community outreach program in rural Wyoming and Colorado. My students voted me as their favorite instructor. The success of my course and the honor the students bestowed upon me is particularly meaningful.

Raised a Wonderful Family (personal)

Married to the same person for 38 years. She is a teacher. Three great boys. One is a Veterinary Technician doing research in a hospital. One just graduated with a degree in Physics and mathematics and the youngest is a budding director in the film industry attending Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.

Athlete (personal)

Played College Football (DI) and College Soccer (D3). Played professional soccer for a season as well.

Education (3)

University of Denver: MA, Sport Science 1977

Graduate Assistant supervising student teachers and teaching activity courses. Training professional and world class athletes including the Denver Broncos.

Humboldt State University: BA, Physical Education 1976

Began using relaxation training to assist athletes with performance. Used it to help older adults learn to swim.

University of Virginia: Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) (ABD), Sport Psychology 1983

Graduate Assistant working with athletes on UVA teams; soccer, football, softball, swimming & diving, track, basketball and baseball.

Affiliations (2)

  • Mental Training Inc.
  • National Speakers Association

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  • English

Testimonials (5)

Marcus, Gangbanger turned athlete | High School Basketball

Mike, I don’t know if you remember me. This is Marcus H. You might remember me more by my gang name XXXXXXXX. I just wanted to let you know that your time was well spent. You’re pulling me along, holding me accountable and teaching me not only to take care of my mental game but to love sport really did keep me in school. That was a few years ago of course. In June I get my Bachelors degree. Mom still tells the story when I ditched your session and you came into the hood looking for me. I just want you to know that if you hadn’t come to get me that day, I don’t think I would be walking in June. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX -Marcus H

Richard S. Callaghan, Figure Skating Coach | Champions of America

Praise for Mike Margolies and The Athlete within You I met Mike Margolies when I was coaching at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO. I had at that time a few athletes that had a chance to develop into World and Olympic Athletes. After all the coaching and training is done, everyone knows that the mindset of the athlete will make or break their performance. This is where I was happy Mike was available to give my athletes the informational tools to be able to give their best performance. I was very lucky to be the coach of one Olympic Champion and three World Champions. Mike was a great asset to me in my sport; however, a confident mind is useful in all sports and businesses.

Mauricio Bardales, Athlete | Pre Olympics

Mike- It’s Mauricio. I’m glad I caught up to you. Man it’s been a long time. Things are good. I have a small business and nice family. I still think about how you helped me pursue my dreams towards the Olympics. The thing with the discus was so crazy. Be well my friend and let’s stay in touch.

Donna G (last name withheld), Parent | Little League Baseball

Mike Among the many things I’m grateful to my son’s coach for doing is putting us in touch with you. You’ve given Patrick a lot of the tools that he uses on a daily basis now, whether in baseball or life, and they are a tremendous asset. I’m sure he’ll appreciate more and more as he matures. –Donna G

Tom J (Last name withheld), Linebacker | National Football League

Dude, You really do rock. OK did I really talk like that? I guess I did. You must have thought I was out there just because of that. I had a great career as you know. I’m not sure I’d have gotten there if not for your help. You taught me so many things I don’t know where to start. Learning to be accountable for my actions, self confidence and handling stress was key. Ten years in the NFL was so quick. You said it would be. My mind is still strong can say the same for the knee but that was the risk of course. Jess is doing great. I’m going to send Jenny out next year before she starts college soccer. Be well, -Tom J

Event Appearances (6)

The Game within the Game

National Sports Management: The Next Level  Manama, Bahrain


Emotional Intelligence in Hockey

Cheyenne Stampede Hockey Team   Cheyenne, Wy


The Athlete Within You

Redmond Rousers Annual Dinner  Redmond, WA


Mental Toughness in Soccer

Pre Sounders Game Talk for Youth Coaches  CenturyLink Field ( Home of Seattle Sounders FC )


Mental Training is not a luxury, it is a necessity!

Expert in Residence Series  The Overlake School


The Game within the Game

Train Consortium  Tacoma, WA


Sample Talks (3)

The Game within the Game- Emotional Intelligence in Sports and Business

Are you familiar with the game within the game? It’s the game we play by ourselves and the one we play against each other. It’s about what we tell ourselves preparing for, during and after any competition. It’s about self-confidence, stress management, concentration, goals, visualization and motivation. The game is one we play with ourselves to best prepare for the game that takes place on a field or other venue. How we play this game determines how we play the one on the field or in the office.

The Athlete Within You

There is an athlete within you. They are just waiting to get out. It may be for an actual athletic or sport event. It might be in the business world. But whatever world it is in, I am quite sure of one thing. The athlete within you is just waiting to get out; and it may be that there is only one thing stopping them.. and that is YOU!! ================= What can you do when The Athlete within You doesn't want to come out and play? We all have this vibrant athlete inside us. Let them out!

Is Your Life Ambition to be GM of the Year? - What Team Building in Sport offers the Business World

Great Sports Teams have always had great General Managers. If you head a project, a business unit or the entire company you want that title of GM of the Year, because it means your efforts are creating meaningful relationships, products and reputations. Team Building for Businesses, Non Profits and Direct Sales Organizations. Let me show you why the sports world offers you great insight into how your organization can function at the highest level even under pressure. Great teams and GM’s cr



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  • Host/MC
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  • Corporate Training


5000 to 12000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee

Research Focus (2)

Imagery Orientation in Elite Level Figure Skaters- United States Olympic Training Center


Assessed imagery orientation of elite junior figure skaters.

Imagery Orientation and Student Perceptions of Instructional Events


Looked at how imagery orientation and student perceptions were effected by instruction