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Mike Miller Mike Miller

Speaker-Trainer-Storyteller and | South Carolina Training Network

Charleston, South Carolina Area, SC, UNITED STATES

Professional Speaker, Storyteller, Trainer and "Free Range" Silly Person. Social Media and Marketing Superstar.



Need a social media superstar? looking for marketing help? Having trouble communicating what you want to say? I can help! Contact me and we will fix the problem!

"Full Contact" Speaker, Trainer and Storyteller who provides quality business and family programs.

Mike's fresh, unique and exciting brand of speaking and storytelling has impacted thousands of groups ranging from major industry and health care to youth and education.

If your only exposure to storytelling has been at children's birthday party's or at camp, or listening to stories being read to you from a book, you might easily make the assumption that you have witnessed the sum and total of storytelling. Fair enough...but if you come to one of Mike's storytelling comedy concerts or business programs with such pre-conceived notions, prepare to have your point of view drastically rearranged!

Mike is one of the most dynamic, sought after trainers of interpersonal business skills training in the business. He has designed, developed and delivered training for front line staff to CEO’s of Fortune 500 Company’s.

Mike tailor’s each program so it will be meaningful to your organization. If this what you need, give him a call Soon! Today! Or maybe tomorrow! His calendar fills fast!

"Many expressed that they would love to hear you again. Being asked to speak for a second time is an honor, but a third is unheard of with this group! You were highly recommended as a speaker for this conference, and you didn't disappoint!"
Richard Jefferson ACUIA Region 6 Regional Director


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Education (5)

ALISON Learning Systems: Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health, Workplace Safety and Health 2012

Grace School of Theology: Bachelor of Ministry, Pastoral Care and Program Development 1988

Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium: AWR 187-W Terrorism and WMD Awareness in the Workplace, Terrorism and WMD Awareness 2012

Eastern Kentucky University and FEMA

Health Care and Retirement Corporation: Train-The-Trainer Certification, Circle of Care-Caring Leadership 1983

South Carolina Department Of Education: Certified Workplace Instructor, Worplace Certification Training-Adult Education 1991

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  • Christian Comedy Association
  • Charleston Swing Dance Association


  • Keynote
  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Host/MC