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Mike Rosch - Identity Theft Aid. San Francisco, CA, US

Mike Rosch Mike Rosch

Identity Theft Aid

San Francisco, CA, UNITED STATES

Protecting Consumers from Identity Theft



This year alone, over 16 million Americans will have their identity stolen. Of those, 2.5% will be cases involving child identity theft. 4 million of those victims will have their social security number stolen, which is the most damaging form of identity theft. Identity theft costs consumers and businesses nearly 20 billion dollars annually, as well as endless amounts of time spent trying to repair the damage done by these crimes. Unfortunately, reported cases of identity theft have been on the rise in the past 5 years. Because of this, it’s even more important than ever to ensure you have identity theft protection measures in place to secure your personal information from criminals who are trying to use it to commit fraud.

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Identity Theft

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