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Mike and Sandii Element - Partners in Life & Business. Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Mike and Sandii Element Mike and Sandii Element

Partners in Life & Business

Brisbane, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Partners In Life & Business





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Partners in life becoming partners in business are a growing trend in variety of industries, and it makes a lot of sense….but many couples understandably fear the challenge.

Mike & Sandii Element have been working together for nearly 20 years. It really wasn’t by design, but somehow they’ve managed working as partners in life and business in all sorts of different ways:

They hosted a radio morning show together
Mike was once Sandii’s boss
They shared an office while being employed by a large company in the same job
Were waiters together at two restaurants
In London, they bought a van and worked for a courier company, Sandii navigated and Mike drove….and carried boxes.
Started a business….and failed
Started another business…..and succeeded!!!

They’ve discovered that it’s really not that hard work with your partner if you know how to do it.

Right now, their day jobs are as freelance corporate trainers…but what they really enjoy doing is coaching and speaking with other couples who work together and sharing the tips and tricks to make it a success.

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Professional Training and Coaching


Business Services

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Work Life Balance

Managing Relationships

Testimonials (1)

Patty Beacham, Patty Beacham Productions | James Home Services AGM

I had the opportunity to work closely with Mike Element and his wife Sandii, when they were Keynote Speakers for James Home Service’s AGM December 2012. I witnessed how they interacted, and listened to the powerful messages they delivered to the crowded room. I noted how naturally they interacted and supported one another, reinforcing the message: you be friends or family AND work together! Using real life examples from the audience, Mike and Sandii added wit, style and intelligence to the discussion, and I was impressed how professional they were. The crowd responded enthusiastically to their positive messages. They are true professionals who can easily relate to others and sell the message.

Sample Talks (1)

9 Survival Tips for Partners in Life & Business

9 survival tips for friends, siblings and couples in business is a joint keynote presentation that is outcome focused and lots of fun for the audience. Defining your roles  Goal setting  Effective communication  Dealing with the disagreements  Handling the hard times  Keeping positive  Dividing responsibilities  No power struggles The attitude of gratitude