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Mindy Benson - Southern Utah University. Cedar City, UT, US

Mindy Benson Mindy Benson

Vice President of Alumni & Community Relations | Southern Utah University


Mindy Benson, Vice President of Alumni & Community Relations, shares the importance of storytelling to the identity of an organization.


Mindy Benson is the vice president for alumni and community relations at Southern Utah University. Benson has progressed at SUU through a variety of positions, including director of student life and leadership and executive director of alumni relations.

Benson is a professional event planner who has run events nationally, regionally and on campus. She has directed and coordinated a variety of activities including concerts, building dedications, Presidential inaugurations, sporting events, and conferences. In her current position, she oversees alumni relations, regional services (which encompasses Head Start and Early Intervention, the Utah Center for Rural Health and the Business Resource Center and Small Business Development Center), Utah Summer Games, community outreach & summer conferences, and special events (such as commencement, homecoming and concerts).

A Cedar City native whose ties to the University go back generations, Benson earned her bachelor’s degree in zoology and her master’s in communication from Southern Utah University.






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Industry Expertise (3)


Events Services


Areas of Expertise (16)

Higher Education Community Patnerships

Alumni Relations in Higher Education

Event Planning, Concerts

Event Planning, Presidential Inaugurations

Alumni Relations

Event Management & Production

Student Advancement

Community Outreach

Alumni Outreach

Special Events

Event Planning

Rural Health

Event Planning Curriculum

Event Planning, University Commencement

History of Southern Utah University

Outreach in Rural Communities

Education (2)

Southern Utah University: B.S., Zoology

Southern Utah University: M.A., Communication

Affiliations (5)

  • Rocky Vista Executive Advisory Council
  • Utah Center for Rural Health
  • Utah Summer Games
  • Business Resource Center
  • Small Business Development Center

Media Appearances (4)

SUU History day; a faith-promoting founding and a symbol of community spirit

St George News  online


To Vice President for Alumni and Community Relations Mindy Benson, the Branch Agricultural College (BAC) was a center of culture and education, not only for Cedar City and Iron County, but also for the surrounding communities.

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Looking back at the origin of SUU 120 years later

KSL  online


A popular statue on campus honors “Old Sorrel” and the men that made the trip that saved the university. Mindy Benson, SUU vice president, alumni and community relations, believes that story, more than a century later, is a perfect example of the relationship between the small school and the town of a little more than 30,000.

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SUU bringing concerts back to Festival City

The Spectrum  online


“The concert industry as a whole changed over the last decade and with the changes people just weren’t seeing concerts,” said Benson. “But President Scott Wyatt and many others working on the projects realized both the campus and community life could use a boost.”

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$48,000 Scholarships to Families of SUU Alumni

LDS Living  online

Southern Utah University, in Cedar City, Utah, is prepared to gift families of out-of-state alumni $48,000 in scholarship to pass on their Thunderbird legacy to the next generation. “We are thrilled to offer this as a benefit to all SUU students who have earned an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree at the University,” said Alumni Relations Executive Director Mindy Benson. “This really adds value to an SUU diploma, and our alumni are the best ambassadors for our school already, so we hope they take advantage of this great opportunity.”

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Articles (2)

Southern Utah University honors owners of Ruby’s Inn with Distinguished Service Award

St George News


“Southern Utah University is proud to recognize the Syrett family for its uncommon warmth and hospitality in welcoming people from all over the world to Garfield County and Bryce Canyon,” Mindy Benson, vice president of alumni and community relations, said. “The Syrett family and SUU share a common link as each was built by courageous and hardworking pioneers who expand the horizons of others and have succeeded in the face of daunting barriers.”

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Event Planning: Writing and Teaching the First Event Curriculum at Southern Utah University

SUU Communication Department


This project examines how an Event Planning Curriculum was designed, written and taught for the first Event Planning course at Southern Utah University. Event Planning is becoming a growing field within the study of Communications. This course was designed so students could have the basic event planning skill they would need to enter the work force and be considered for an event job.

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Courses (3)

COMM 4600 Event Planning

Discussion of contemporary communication topics varying by semester.

HRHM 4700 Event Planning

Specialized topics in Hospitality Management for students to extend beyond core curriculum.

COMM 6240 Event Management Internship

Students intern with professor and plan an event during the school year.