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Mira Perry Mira Perry

Research Manager, Enterprise Applications | International Data Corporation (IDC)

Toronto, ON, CA

Experienced analyst covering big data and analytics, collaborative software technologies and cloud computing.


Mira Perry is the Research Manager for IDC Canada's Enterprise Applications practice. She joins the IDC Canada team after 5 years with IDC's Worldwide Software Business Solutions Group where she provided analysis of and guidance on the channel programs of global software vendors.
As the lead analyst for Canada's Enterprise Applications practice, Ms. Perry's research portfolio covers a broad range of enterprise application software offerings including Big Data, Social Business, and Cloud Solutions. She brings a depth of sales, marketing, and channel experience to this role, providing insight and analysis on the product portfolios and go-to market strategies of Canadian software vendors.
Ms. Perry’s business experience includes roles in business development, operations, marketing and public relations. After several years in the pharmaceutical industry, she transitioned to the technology industry where she spent over ten years leading global and regional initiatives for IBM and Microsoft.

Areas of Expertise (4)

Big Data & Analytics Cloud software Social Business Collaborative Technologies







Associated IDC Services (2)

  • Canadian Enterprise Big Data and Analytics Solutions
  • Canadian Semiannual Software Tracker


Education (5)

Harvard University: Degree, Graduate Studies

Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET): Advanced Certificate/ Level 3, Pass with Distinction

Duke University: Certificate, Communications, Journalism and Media Specialization

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Graduate Certificate, Public Health

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: B.A., English and History

Languages (1)

  • English

Media Appearances (4)

5 ways small business owners can tap the cloud

Canadian Business  


There’s a lot of incentive to make the leap, but where do small businesses start? Here are five ways small businesses can tap the cloud: While cloud-based HR solutions are typically used by larger organizations, there are benefits to small businesses, says Mira Perry, research manager, enterprise applications at market intelligence firm IDC Canada.

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313 million users can't save Twitter from itself

CBC News  


Twitter is poised to become a very different website.

After 10 years, the social media site remains an enigma to business markets and a bit of a mystery to users as well. Experts agree Twitter's moribund growth and persistent identity crisis mean its future lies in being acquired — and that means change.

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OpenText adds more HP assets as it looks to expand IT portfolio

IT World Canada  


IDC Canada analyst Mira Perry said the segments the research firm dubs “content management” and “customer experience management” are software markets where some vendors continue to see above average growth. “There continues to be a lot of opportunity for both niche players and for larger vendors with diverse portfolios.”

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‘Only five companies in the world do this’: Entrepreneur bets on turning software errors into prospects

Financial Post  


By shifting away from performance-based marketing, Redbrick leaves a turbulent industry beset by ad blocking technologies that make it harder to market software for its clients. The firm’s pivot is not without its risks, though, warned Mira Victoria Perry, research and consulting practice lead for collaborative technologies and business analytics at IDC.

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Reports (20)

Canadian Public IT Cloud Services Forecast, 2017–2021 IDC Canada

David Senf, Julie Ross, Jason Bremner, Mira Perry

Sept 2017

This IDC study forecasts revenue for SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS delivered as public cloud offerings to Canadian businesses for the 2017–2021 period. Through a comprehensive view of cloud in Canada, it is possible to see how the components are coming together as the foundation of the 3rd Platform and as a critical underpinning of digital transformation.

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Sage Summit Toronto 2017: Canadian Highlights IDC Canada

Mira Perry, Jason Bremner

August 2017

This IDC Market Note covers highlights from the 2017 Sage Summit Tour held in Toronto, June 27 and 28. Attendees represented a wide cross-section of industries and company maturity levels from small start-ups to global enterprises, a turnout that filled the keynote session to standing room only. Digital transformation and its critical pillars — cloud, mobility, and AI-infused data/analytics — were among the topics covered in the keynote session and in over 75 breakout sessions across the two days.

"Sage is successfully maintaining a delicate balance between aggressive 3rd Platform innovation in cloud, mobile, analytics/AI, and social and a customer base that seems delighted with Sage solutions just as they are. IDC believes Canadian businesses will ultimately embrace the new innovations with enthusiasm and applauds Sage for meeting businesses where they are most comfortable." — Mira V. Perry, research manager, Canadian Enterprise Applications

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Canadian Data Access, Analysis, and Delivery Software Forecast, 2017–2021 IDC Canada

Mira Perry, Julie Ross

June 2017

This IDC study presents data for the Canadian data access, analysis, and delivery software market, including a five-year forecast for the 2017–2021 period. The study includes a breakdown of cloud versus on-premise revenue data as well as insights into the three functional markets that make up this space: EQRA, APA, and SIM. Market drivers and inhibitors specific to the Canadian market are addressed and vendor guidance is provided.

"The Canadian data access, analysis, and delivery software market covers end user–oriented tools for ad hoc data access, analysis, and reporting as well as production reporting. This set of technologies is helping Canadian businesses tap into the wealth of accumulating data that can contribute to business success, making the opportunity for both on-premise and cloud adoption quite strong," said Mira Perry, research manager, IDC Canada Enterprise Applications.

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The Canadian Cognitive Landscape, 2017 IDC Canada

Mira Perry, Julie Ross

June 2017

This IDC Presentation examines the Canadian cognitive landscape. Highlights include the Canadian innovation ecosystem and major vendor players in the market, business drivers of the market size, and future opportunity for Canadian revenue from cognitive technologies. In addition, the buyer behavior that is driving the projected market opportunity is examined, including cognitive perception shifts over time, purchase drivers and inhibitors, and realized business benefits.

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SAS Inside Intelligence Analyst Conference 2017: Canadian Highlights on Growth and Investment IDC Canada

April 2017

This IDC Market Note offers a Canadian view of the highlights from the annual SAS Inside Intelligence analyst conference 2017. Spanning two and a half days, the conference offered a range of formal presentations, one-on-one analyst/executive sessions, a variety of product demonstrations, and informal opportunities for connections with SAS executives and SAS customers.

"With Canadian businesses amassing vast amounts of data, the focus on analytics — what to do with that data — is intensifying. IDC expects continued accelerating adoption of advanced and predictive analytics as well as cognitive/AI solutions for the foreseeable future, making the activities of SAS, the leader in IDC's Canadian advanced and predictive analytics market, of particular interest." — Mira Perry, research manager, Canadian Enterprise Applications

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Dynamic Data Management Systems: Hadoop in Canada IDC Canada

April 2017

This IDC Presentation is a portion of the content presented to select Canadian vendors in the first quarter of 2017. The content provides adoption survey data for the Canadian dynamic data management systems market and then focuses on Canadian adoption of Hadoop within that market.

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The Evolution of Cognitive/AI in Canada IDC Canada

March 2017

This IDC Presentation was presented at the IDC Directions 2017 event in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on March 28, 2017. The research looks at the cognitive market as a whole and then focuses on the market opportunity and buyer behavior for Canada specifically.

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What Is the Rate of Spark Adoption in Canadian Hadoop Implementations? IDC Canada

March 2017

This IDC Survey Spotlight looks at the rate of Spark adoption in Canadian Hadoop implementations. With increasing demands for data insights, organizations are looking for software that enables businesses to extract value from the data. This Survey Spotlight examines the intersection of Spark and Hadoop among Canadian businesses in relation to current and future workloads and, by extension, examines the trends around MapReduce in Canada.

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Canadian Public Cloud Forecast, 2016–2020 IDC Canada

Dec 2016

This IDC study provides IDC estimate of the current public cloud market and forecast that stretches to 2020.

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Will Increases in Business Demands and Non–Data Scientist End Users Shake Up the Advanced and Predictive Analytics Market? IDC Canada

December 2016

This IDC Survey Spotlight looks at the priorities and experiences of IT and line-of-business (LOB) professionals using advanced and predictive analytics (APA) applications. With the increasing demands for data insights and a continued skills shortage, buyers are looking to software vendors to make technologies more accessible to a larger scope of end users. This IDC Survey Spotlight examines the priorities of IT and LOB when selecting APA applications and considers how vendors align to the top priority.

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IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Analytics, Cognitive/AI, and Big Data 2017 Predictions IDC

November 2016

This IDC study provides IDC's top 10 predictions for analytics, cogitative/AI computing, or big data for 2017.

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Canadian Business Analytics Software Market Shares, 2015: The Year of the Pivot IDC Canada

October 2016

This IDC study highlights the market size of the Canadian business analytics landscape and provides shares of the top vendors in the market for 2015.

"This is the year of the pivot, a shift in market direction for business analytics as Canadian businesses begin reconsidering their software investment priorities. While still a bit sluggish overall, the BA software market continues to show steady growth that favors solutions with the following attributes: cloud, end user–friendly interface and self-service tools, data visualization capabilities, advanced and predictive analytics capabilities, and messaging that resonates with the LOB decision maker. Growth, particularly in solutions offering those attributes, is expected to accelerate as more Canadian businesses see the benefits of business analytics and expand their current solutions or invest in new ones," said Mira Perry, research manager, Enterprise Applications.

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Canadian Big Data and Analytics Software and Services Forecast, 2016–2020 IDC Canada

October 2016

This IDC study provides a forecast of the big data and analytics (BDA) software and services markets for 2016–2020.

"The Canadian BDA software and services market continues to show steady growth that favors cloud-based, end user–friendly solutions with self-service tools, data visualization tools, and advanced and predictive analytics capabilities, coupled with messaging that resonates with the LOB decision maker. Growth, particularly in solutions offering those attributes, has been noteworthy and is expected to continue with above-average growth as more Canadian businesses see the benefits of BDA," said Mira Perry, research manager, Enterprise Applications.

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Canadian Advanced Analytics Vendor Profile: SalesChoice IDC Canada

September 2016

This IDC Vendor Profile looks at SalesChoice, a Canada-based software company offering a predictive and prescriptive analytics software application for sales and marketing professionals. With growing interest in the integration of BDA capabilities across business applications, as well as mounting evidence of the competitive advantage gleaned by organizations leveraging BDA, this is an optimal time to look closely at one of the Canadian vendors pressing this market forward.

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Canadian Cognitive Adoption and Use Cases, 2016 IDC Canada

July 2016

This IDC Survey focuses on the adoption of cognitive software solutions in Canada. The survey data comes from IDC Canada's 2016 BITAP n1 and ITAP n3 surveys, which explore a range of software application uses among Canadian businesses. The goal of the cognitive computing questions in the surveys was to identify current and planned adoption rates, in part by examining industry-specific use cases. While the sample sizes for cognitive adoption continue to be low in Canada, the data can provide directional insights to help vendors position their offerings and identify opportunities. The BITAP n1 and ITAP n3 surveys were in field in February and March, respectively, of 2016.

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Canadian Adoption of Big Data and Analytics Software Solutions, 2016 IDC Canada

July 2016

This IDC Survey focuses on the Canadian adoption of big data and analytics (BDA) software solutions. The survey data comes from IDC Canada's BITAP n1 and ITAP n3 surveys, which explore a range of software application uses among Canadian businesses. The goal of the BDA section of the surveys was to identify current and planned adoption rates, implementation challenges, and the role of cloud solutions in this spac

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IDC Canada Conferencing Applications Survey Results, 2016 IDC Survey

April 2016

This IDC Survey focuses on conferencing applications. The primary source survey, IDC Canada's 2016 ITAP n1, explores how organizations are using different types of software applications for business purposes, including conferencing. The goal of the conferencing applications section of the survey was to identify conferencing applications penetration rate, planned adoption rate, and application shortcomings and challenges, as well as leading software vendors in the space. The data presented in this document addresses those topics as well as conferencing budget allocation for the coming year. The survey was in field in December 2015 and had a sample size of 410.

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Are Analytic Tools the Missing Element in Realizing Social Technology Performance in Marketing Campaigns? IDC Survey Spotlight

April 2016

This IDC Survey Spotlight looks at the adoption and efficacy of social technologies used for marketing campaigns by Canadian businesses. IDC Canada's BITAP n1 Survey was in field in March 2016 and included questions about social technology adoption plans, current usage, and levels of satisfaction associated with the technology's performance. The survey also included questions about adoption and planned adoption of big data and analytics technologies. Together, these two topics provided some interesting insights about the satisfaction levels of social technologies for marketing campaigns and the usage of analytics tools.

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Mitel Continues to Execute Its Strategy and Acquires Polycom IDC

April 2016 - IDC Link

IDC's Quick Take on Mitels acquistion of Polycom.

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Oil Price Crunch: How Will the Canadian Energy ICT Market Respond to "Lower for Longer" Oil Prices? IDC Canada

February 2016

This IDC Presentation provides a snapshot highlighting the impact on energy sector ICT investments. The core assumptions underpinning the IDC's forecast for the oil and gas sector have significantly deteriorated in the past six months. The key changes are at the macroeconomic level:

Oil is now expected to stay lower for longer. The consensus economics prediction of "bottoming out" at $40 per barrel has been invalidated. The new consensus for WTI appears to be ~$30 dollar for an extended period before rebounding. Canada's oil sands production will take an even lower price.
The damage is spilling into other industry sectors. Alberta's public sector is dealing with significantly lower royalty revenue; construction firms have fewer opportunities; Alberta's commercial and industrial real estate looks overbuilt; Calgary's financial services and legal sector is heavily overweighted to the energy patch; and regional consumer confidence is being negatively affected, impacting the retail and wholesale industry.
As a result, IDC Canada has lowered our expectations for the oil and gas and Alberta ICT markets for 2016 and through the forecast cycle. This Presentation outlines the most likely scenario for the following sectors: Client devices, Infrastructure hardware, IT services, and Communications.

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