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Moira Vetter - Modo Modo Agency. Atlanta, GA, US

Moira Vetter Moira Vetter

Founder & CEO | Modo Modo Agency


Founder & CEO of Modo Modo Agency; Forbes Contributor, Expert on B2B Serial Entrepreneurs, Go-To-Market Strategy & Increasing Brand Value



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Moira Vetter is the Founder and CEO of Modo Modo Agency, a Forbes contributor and the author of AdVenture, An Outsider's Inside View of Getting an Entrepreneur to Market. Modo Modo Agency is an award-winning, strategic marketing firm with B2B, B2C, technology and health care expertise. The firm has won over 210 awards in its first ten years including being named to the 2017 Inc. 5000. Moira is a 2015 Enterprising Women Entrepreneur, the 2014 AMA Atlanta Agency Marketer of the Year and a 2015 Atlanta Business Chronicle Women Who Mean Business. She was a featured Entrepreneur in the 30th Annual Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education and has spent 27 years helping over 200 businesses launch, grow, diversify or divest. An Executive Advisory Board member and Past President of the Atlanta Chapter of the America Marketing Association, past BMA Atlanta President, Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Member, Zoo Atlanta Leadership Council, member of Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs and a member of the Leadership Atlanta Class of 2013. She has appeared on CNBC, CBS Atlanta, Fox Atlanta/Fox News and more.

Prior to founding Modo Modo Agency in 2007, Moira was president of two other Atlanta Agencies and in senior leadership of a fourth. Her experience over the last 29 years includes client-side positions in technology and healthcare and nearly every position on an agency org chart.

Moira attended Agnes Scott College, Georgia State University and the University of Phoenix Online achieving her Bachelor of Business Management. Moira has conducted continuing education courses in direct marketing for BMA’s Certified Business Communicator Accreditation program and has been a Mentor for the American Marketing Association. She has judged multiple national marketing competitions and CMO of the Year Awards. She has received awards from the IABC, PRSA, BMA, AMA, DMA, Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards, Summit Creative Awards, Communicator Awards, Davey Awards, MarCom Awards, W3 Awards, Hermes Creative Awards, American Web Design Awards, WebAwards, Webbys, Creativity Print & Packaging Competition, Graphic Design USA, Show South and more.

Industry Expertise (9)


Direct Marketing

Public Relations and Communications

VC and Private Equity


Corporate Leadership

Management Consulting


Professional Training and Coaching

Areas of Expertise (8)

Marketing for Pe Portfolios

Accelerating Time to Market

Brand Valuation Creation

Entrepreneur Go-To-Market Planning

Managing Through Being Acquired

Becoming A New Brand

Brand Management & Marketing

sales marketing product management and channel strategies

Accomplishments (11)

President AMA Atlanta (professional)


Served as President of the 4th largest Chapter of the American Marketing Association

Executive Advisory Board American Marketing Association (professional)


Serve on the advisory board for the group. Multi-year commitment since 2010.

Second Fastest Growing Women Owned Business in Atlanta (professional)


Ranked by the Atlanta Business Chronicle

Over 125 Awards received in first 5 years of business (professional)


Awards from every category of branding, marketing and lead generation from a broad range of performance based to artistically focused organizations. Full listing here:

AMA Agency Marketer of the Year (professional)


2014 Marketer of the Year (Agency) for the Atlanta chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Fast-Growth Entrepreneur Finalist, Oxford Center (professional)


2014 Fast growth Entrepreneur finalist

Turknett Leadership Character Award Finalist (professional)


2014 Finalist for Small to Medium Sized Business CEO 2014 Leadership Character Award

Atlanta Business Chronicle “Women Who Mean Business” Honoree (professional)


2014 honoree for Women Who Mean Business Awards

TAG Marketing Entrepeneur Finalist (professional)


2014 Finalist for TAG Marketing Entrepeneur Award

Enterprising Women Entrepreneur Winner (professional)


2015 Enterprising Women Entrepreneur award winner

2017 Inc. 5000 (professional)


Modo Modo Agency was ranked 4,060 in the 2017 Inc. 5000 with 50% growth.

Education (1)

University of Phoenix: BBA, Management 2008

Affiliations (16)

  • The Founder Institute
  • 2015 Executive Advisory Board of the American Marketing Association
  • Leadership Atlanta
  • American Marketing Association
  • 2015 Board Chair for Sugga’s Industries International
  • Business Marketing Association
  • 2013 Leadership Atlanta Graduate
  • Technology Association of Georgia
  • 2015 Ideas for Good Advisor
  • Association of Corporate Growth
  • 2014-2015 Founder Institute Mentor
  • 2015 BMA Atlanta President
  • Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs
  • 2014 Georgia Department of Education Marketing Cluster
  • 2016 Zoo Atlanta Leadership Council
  • 2016 Founding Member League of Change

Testimonials (2)

Elizabeth Levy Ward, Owner | AMA Atlanta/White Paper & Panel/Creating The Big Idea in an Era of Process and Cost Control

Moderator--In my 30 years of being in marketing, I have hired and observed dozens of moderators--really good moderators are very rare. The real artists know how to create a flow from one topic area to the next, spark lively exchanges among panelists and use just the right amount of airtime in just the right way. Moira is one of these rare artists. In the panels I've seen her moderate, she matches the intellectual caliber of even the most senior-level panelists and so can stay in front of any conversation and seamlessly guide it to tee up the next question or topic. She has a strong presence without ever competing with the panelists. It's a pleasure to watch her in action and I recommend her to anyone.

Elizabeth Levy Ward, Owner, Thought Partners | AMA White Paper Facilitation, Development: The Consumer in 2020

Facilitator--Moira is a gifted facilitator who contributes to both the process and the content of a meeting or brainstorming session. She can simultaneously guide the discussion toward its end goals, capture and articulate the key ideas, and contribute to the thinking and quality of output. Recently Moira facilitated a group of 10 top marketing executives through a 90-minute brainstorming session for a thought leadership White Paper. She guided the group seamlessly from topic to topic, improvising the order to maintain discussion flow, and making sure that everyone had opportunities to contribute. Moira was immensely helpful in both designing the process and also helping to identify key conclusions from the session. Hire her for clarity.

Media Appearances (3)

Seven Secrets of Entrepreneurs

Profitability Revolution TV  tv


Profitability Revolution focuses on small business news, trends and industry experts. Ruth King interviews Moira Vetter about her book AdVenture and 7 secrets of entrepreneurs.

Media Appearance Image

CBS Atlanta - Atlanta Entrepreneur Profiles

CBS Atlanta & Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs  tv


CBS Atlanta did a profile of 3 firms in the Atlanta market and their perspectives on growth.

Media Appearance Image

The Relativity of Risk - Impact Speaker Series

Georgia Tech  online


Impact Speaker Series at Georgia Tech.

Moira Vetter - The Relativity of Risk

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Event Appearances (21)

What’s Working in Small Business Marketing for 2013

What’s Working in Small Business Marketing for 2013


Nurture vs. Nature - The Rules of Real Relationship Building for Prospects & Customers

Webinar: Building Prospect & Customer Relationships


OMG: Can U Succeed With a Social Networking Vocabulary?!

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Executive Decisions Interview with Moira Vetter

Executive Decisions Interview with Moira Vetter


Transformational Women Spotlights Moira Vetter

Transformational Women Radio: Moira Vetter


Women Presidents Organization Talk Business

Entrepreneurship, Research Insights & Women's Financial Power


Dispelling Entrepreneurial Myths

Oxford Center featured Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship Panel - Growth Secrets

OPEN Atlanta Conference  Atlanta, Geogia


5 Things Small & Minority Businesses Need To Know About Marketing

Coke Supplier Diversity Council  Webinar


The Relativity of Risk

Executive Women of Goizueta  Modo Modo Agency


Build Your Brand - Startup Education

Founder Insitute  Webinar


Your Baby Is Ugly But I Love His Name - How to name a startup

Founder Insitute  Georgia Tech


Marketing & Leadership For Technical Majors

Impact Speaker Series  Georgia Tech


How Remarkable Women Lead

Ismaili Women's Network  Atlanta


Integrated Marketing Best Practices

Neenah Paper  Neenah Paper Event


What's So Different About B2B Marketing

PowerUp Conference  Atlanta


Doing It All - Women in Business

Turknett Leadership Group  The Buckhead Club


A Panel of Women Entrepreneurs

Womens Leadership Exchange  Intercontinental Hotel, Atlanta


Reach In, Reach Up, Reach Out

North Fulton Chamber of Commerce - Keynote  Atlanta Athletic Club


The Relativity of Risk

Small Business Matters Conference 2016  Villa Christina


The Relativity of Risk

Impact Speaker Series  Georgia Tech


Sample Talks (5)

Getting to market in 60 days

How to name, articulate, package and launch a growth company in 60 days.

Marketing for PE Portfolio Companies

Marketing is often seen as a dirty word and a waste of money. Particularly for money people. It can be a smart and strategic investment that pays off with customer retention, employee alignment and--the best part--rapid valuation increases. See how marketing can be an asset on your next asset purchase or sale.

Becoming a New Brand

When you've been a brand--with standards and a culture--and something suddenly shifts your universe, it can be hard to become a new brand. You have to know what's changed, why you're changing, who you need to be, and how able your people are to live and breathe the new brand. It doesn't have to take forever, it doesn't have to cost a fortune, but it DOES take clarity, discipline and buy-in.

Planting Your Flag in a Chaotic Industry

Many companies are currently experiencing either lightning speed changes or glacial progress. The chaos of the "stop and start" or "try to restart and stop" is deflating efforts, egos, budgets and preventing progress. Break out of these cycles by confirming your position, agreeing to a plan of action and aggressively pursuing your customers and prospects whether the wind is at your back or in your face.

The Relativity of Risk

A discussion of how risk is inherent but also learned. Determining how to assess risk at your current phase of life/career and ensure you are doing all you can to elevate and advance yourself in the ways you want. Take the right risks for you--don't make moves based on someone else's idea of risk and what is appropriate.



  • Keynote
  • Moderator
  • Panelist
  • Author Appearance
  • Corporate Training


1000 to 5000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee

Articles (3)

Secrets Second-Time Entrepreneurs Know About Managing Money



The failure rate of start-ups is close to 90%. So with 9 out of 10 start-ups headed for failure—and I speak from experience—financial management tops the list of challenges for first-time entrepreneurs.

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Breakfast Of Champions: How Serial Entrepreneurs Replicate Their Success



Entrepreneurs are everywhere—you can probably count at least half a dozen of them in your personal and professional circles. But of all the people who start businesses in the U.S., only about a third of them become ‘serial’ entrepreneurs and continue to open new ventures throughout their careers.

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Disciplines Of Future-Proof Entrepreneurs



Entrepreneurs are a passionate bunch. We see things that others don’t and go after building solutions. A decade ago, you could conceive of an idea that meets a market need and feel secure that you had a few years of cushion before others encroached on your space. Today entire industries can come and go in a few months. There is an even greater responsibility in our 24-hour world for entrepreneurs to do continuous long-term planning. We cannot rest on the validation of our early victories without stopping to recalibrate. This kind of discipline can be difficult for the often ADD breed of entrepreneurs. For those that want to be serial entrepreneurs, or simply to have a second act of your current venture, be sure you develop the following disciplines.

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