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Monique Fluker - Born II Win, LLC. Union City, GA, US

Monique Fluker

Vice President/Speaker | Born II Win, LLC


Speaker on how to take life changing challenges and use it to your advantage to WIN.





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Monique N. Fluker is a professional speaker that assists people with achieving their greatest personal and professional goals. With her contagious personality and high energy she inspires audiences to realize their dreams and become the person that they were originally created to be. Monique’s mission is to show people how to become proactive thinkers, change the way they think about life’s circumstances, and ultimately show her audience how to WIN at life.

Monique has the ability to actively engage her audience with different topics such as: personal growth, career advancement, or starting a business. With her powerful teaching tools and experience, she gives her audience the opportunity to participate and practice what she teaches and believes these are the key components to everlasting success. Monique’s audiences have included: state governmental agencies, public and private school systems, colleges/universities, non-profit organizations and businesses/corporations.

As the Co-founder/ Vice President of BORN II WIN, her techniques and programs have been field tested in businesses, outreach oragnizations and youth programs where numerous accounts of success have been achieved. Monique is also the author of an audio series entitled: Moments Toward Destiny. In addition to being an author, speaker and entrepreneur, Monique is leading a youth organization called Winning Teens which empowers teens from several school systems and juvenile justice systems on how to achieve greatness beyond their circumstances and become productive young adults.

Through Monique’s powerful message she has inspired many: "How to take charge of your life today, in order to see change for tomorrow."

Industry Expertise (3)


Professional Training and Coaching


Accomplishments (3)

Am I Understood - From a Young Person's Perspective (Decisions) (professional)

Produced a CD with Winning Teens about making effective decisions and being positive leaders in the community.

Moments Towards Destiny (professional)

CD discussing steps on how to get through rough times while getting to your ultimate destiny.

Am I Understood- From a Young Perspective (professional)


The voice of Winning Teen Briana Harris & Speaker Monique Fluker brings the thoughts of our teens and explanations of adults about decisions that our young people face daily.

Education (1)

Howard University: BA, Human Communication Studies 2000

Affiliations (3)

  • Toastmasters- Capital City Bank Legacy Builders
  • President- Winning Teens Youth Organization
  • Infomart, Inc- I'm Growing Organization (Business Growth)

Testimonials (3)

Marlene Murphy, Georgia Real Estate Agent | Infomart's February History Program

Dynamic and engaging is my description of Monique Fluker. Ms. Fluker gave a short speech during a company event. It was a short speech but since the duration does not define quality of a good speaker, she provided us with a thought-provoking experience. The presentation was entertaining, uplifting, and packed with relevant information, one to be remembered. Monique Fluker's presentation became the talk of the event. Once you have heard Monique you will know she has a gift of speaking to an audience. "

D. Boykins, Property Manager | JLB Property Management

"Monique Fluker is a new aged Renaissance woman for the 21st century. She has a special gift to use powerful words, love and passion to help uplift the audience."

Martha Bradley, CEO | The Bag Lady Experience

"I recently attended a seminar Born II Win facilitated. It was enlightening, motivating, inspiring and entertaining. Monique Fluker used her life experiences to connect with the audience and kept our attention. “Born II Win” is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a speaker, regardless of the occasion.

Event Appearances (4)

STOP+THINK+DECIDE= Quality Decision Making

National Youth At-Risk Conference  Hyatt Hotel- Savannah, GA


Building Better Working Relationships.

  College Park, GA


Getting to the NEXT LEVEL during a tough economy.

W.I.N. Phase Empowerment Session  Atlanta, GA


Being a Living Donor- How Life Goes On.

Life Link Event  Well Star Hospital- Marietta, GA


Sample Talks (1)

The Three A’s towards Success (Attitude, Appearance and Attributes)

Discussion of the three A's that helps individuals towards their success in any career.



  • Keynote
  • Moderator
  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Host/MC


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