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Mr. Andrzej Klimczuk - International Federation on Ageing. Bialystok, , PL

Mr. Andrzej Klimczuk Mr. Andrzej Klimczuk

Researcher in Gerontology and Social Policy | Warsaw Scool of Economics

Bialystok, POLAND

Andrzej Klimczuk is an author of many scientific papers on gerontology, labour economics, public management, and social policy.



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Andrzej Klimczuk | Laboratorium Badań i Działań Społecznych




Andrzej Klimczuk, a sociologist, graduated from the Faculty of History and Sociology at the University of Bialystok, Poland. He is a Ph.D. student at the Collegium of Socio-Economics at Warsaw School of Economics, Poland. He is the author of many scientific papers in the fields of gerontology, labour economics, public management, and social policy.

Industry Expertise (2)

Research Writing and Editing

Areas of Expertise (3)

Geriatrics and Gerontology Healthy Ageing Chronic Diseases

Education (3)

Cracow University of Economics: Postgraduate Course, Social Economy 2013

University of Białystok: M.A., Sociology 2008

Warsaw School of Economics: Ph.D., Economics 2012

Affiliations (15)

  • Fundacja Dobra Sieć: Volunteer
  • Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland: Volunteer
  • The University of Bialystok Foundation: Volunteer
  • Polish Sociological Association: Member
  • Games Research Association of Poland: Member
  • Polish Society of Gerontology: Member
  • European Network for Social Policy Analysis: Member
  • European Map of Intergenerational Learning: Member
  • East European Sub-Regional Association of Schools of Social Work: Member
  • European Sociological Association: Member
  • International Sociological Association: Member
  • SocLab Foundation Laboratory for Research and Social Action: Founder and Associate Member
  • Polish Institute of Silver Economy: Associate Member
  • The European School of Social Innovation: Member
  • Polish Studies - Interdisciplinary: Member

Languages (3)

  • English
  • Polish
  • German

Featured Articles (8)

Barriers to the Development of Creative Industries in Culturally Diverse Region Coactivity: Philosophy, Communication


The aim of this article is to describe the general conditions for the development of creative industries in Podlaskie Voivodship from Poland. This region on the background of the country is characterized by the highest level of cultural diversity and multiculturalism policy. However, there are a number of barriers for the creative industries.

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The Role of Medialabs in Regional Cultural and Innovative Policy Management Trends in Theory and Practice


Purpose of this article is to introduce the concept of a new cultural institution, "medialab". Media laboratory is an interdisciplinary institution that combines the tasks of scientific, educational, cultural and artistic institutions.

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Supporting the Development of Gerontechnology as Part of Silver Economy Building Ad Alta: Journal of Interdisciplinary Research


The concept of the "silver economy" is one of the complex response trials to the challenges of ageing societies. Its key objective is to bring goods and services to meet the needs of older people through gerontechnology. Article approximates relationships between technology and the ageing of the population and the main features of silver economy and gerontechnology.

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Creative Ageing Policy in Regional Development Regional Management


The shaping of creative economy is particularly important for development of cities and regions. This process can be analyzed in conjunction with changes in work and leisure time and their place in the human life cycle. This article aims to approximate the main features of: contemporary position of elderly people, creative ageing policy, benefits from seniors creativity and controversies linked to this concept.

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Strategic Responses on Population Ageing in Regional Policy Theory of Management



Population aging is one of the key processes affecting the development of European Union countries. The aim of this paper is an indication of the possibility of collective action against this challenge at the regional level.

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Comparative Analysis of National and Regional Models of the Silver Economy in the European Union International Journal of Ageing and Later Life


The approach to analysing population ageing and its impacts on the economy has evolved in recent years. There is increasing interest in the development and use of products and services related to gerontechnology as well as other social innovations that may be considered as central parts of the "silver economy." However, the concept of silver economy is still being formed and requires detailed research. This article proposes a typology of models of the silver economy in the European Union (EU) at the national and regional levels. This typology was created by comparing the Active Ageing Index to the typology of varieties and cultures of capitalism and typology of the welfare states. Practical recommendations for institutions of the EU and directions for further research are discussed.

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Universities of the Third Age in Poland: Emerging Model for 21st Century Journal of Education, Psychology and Social Sciences


Main objective of this paper is to describe emergence of a Polish Universities of the Third Age model. These are a multidisciplinary non-formal education centers, which allow formation of positive responses to the challenges of an ageing population. Article indicates main organizational changes of these institutions conditioned by internal and external factors. Essay describes transformation, differentiation factors, and characteristics of these institutions for elderly based on a critical analysis of literature.

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Aging in the Social Space The Association of Social Gerontologists


A publication called Aging in the Social Space is a compilation of studies, which deal with theoretical understanding and empirical solutions, learning about problem spheres, specifying content parallels of social, legal, economic, moral and ethical views on senior issues in society, which are closely related to each other and are interconnected.

This publication focus on the case study of Poland. It is supposed to provide a multidimensional view of old age issues and issues related to aging and care for old people in society. We believe that it is natural also to name individual spheres, in which society has some eff ect, either direct or indirect, within issues concerning seniors. Learning about these spheres is the primary prerequisite for successful use of social help to seniors in society.

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