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Muqtedar Khan - University of Delaware. Newark, DE, US

Muqtedar Khan

Professor, Political Science and International Relations | University of Delaware


Prof. Khan researches and teaches Islam, governance and international relations.




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Post-Orientalism and Geopolitics: Three Debates that Inform Islam and US Foreign Policy Professor Khan: If ISIS and al-Qaida are not Islam, what is Islam?




Muqtedar Khan, PhD (Georgetown University, 2000) joined the Department in 2005. His areas of interest are Politics of the Middle East and South Asia, Political Islam, Islamic Political Thought, Islam in America, American Foreign Policy in the Muslim World and Good Governance. Professor Khan combines academic and policy orientation in his teaching philosophy and in his research. He was the founding director of the Islamic Studies Program at the University of Delaware from 2007-2010. He was Fellow and Nonresident Senior Fellow of the Brookings Institution from 2003-2008. From 2017-2019 he served as the Academic Director of the State Department’s National Security Institute (SUSI) and from 2019-2021 he is serving as the Academic Director of the State Department’s American Foreign Policy Institute. His latest book Islam and Good Governance has received the 2019 excellence in scholarship award from AFMI and has been listed as one the best all time books in political philosophy by the nonfiction book portal Book Authority.

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International Affairs

Political Organization

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Islamic Political Philosophy

Global Islamic Movements

Islam in America



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Media Appearances (5)

Can Narendra Modi Practice at Home What He Preaches Abroad?

The Diplomat  online


Modi’s silence on hate speech and calls for the genocide of Muslims indicates that he is okay with it. If not, why would he not say so?

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Food for Thought as Independent India Turns 75

The Diplomat  online


India’s pursuit of greatness will remain elusive if it fails to address inequality and revive its democratic and secular values.

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UD's Muqtedar Khan talks about new book on Islam and good governance

Delmarva Public Radio  


[no abstract available]

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Op-ed: Islam in politics does not have to be sharia or extremism

The News Journal  online


The abuse of Islam and its teachings by radical groups like Daesh and Al Qaeda is a reality that no one can ignore. But there are many Muslims who still want to see Islam play an important role in the public sphere. If alternate pathways are not highlighted for them, they will become vulnerable to recruitment by radicals.

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Op-ed: This Is What Happens When Modernity Fails All of Us

The New York Times  online


How can we wrap our minds around the perverse appeal of ISIS to youth growing up in modern, liberal and democratic societies of the West? What is it that compels a young woman in Paris or a well-established young professional in California to eschew the fruits of modernity and liberalism, to join a radical movement that is so brutal and inhuman that even Al Qaeda finds it repellent?

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Articles (5)

The voices of Islamic modernism from South Asia

The Routledge International Handbook of Contemporary Muslim Socio-Political Thought

2021 Islamic modernism is a rich Islamic intellectual tradition and it permeates the thinking of many scholars, intellectuals, reformists, and poets in South Asia. Even in the Muslim communities of South Asia, especially among the educated urban classes and in their foreign diasporas, one can find modernist thinking deeply entrenched.

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Emerging Hindu Rashtra and Its Impact on Indian Muslims


2021 This article examines the impact of the gradual Hindutvaization of Indian culture and politics on Indian Muslims. The article contrasts the status of Muslims in the still secular, pluralistic, and democratic constitution of India with the rather marginalized reality of Muslims since the rise of Hindu nationalism.

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Political Islamic movements in South Asia

Routledge Handbook of Political Islam

2020 The modern avatar of political Islam emerged simultaneously in Egypt and India; both were British colonies at that time. In this chapter, we explore the emergence, nature and impact of political Islam in South Asian nations of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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Post-Orientalism and Geopolitics: Three Debates that Inform Islam and U.S. Foreign Policy

Insight Turkey

2020 This article argues that a post-orientalist discourse has emerged over the past few decades to challenge the dominance of orientalism on Western foreign policy thinking towards Islam and the Muslim world.

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Five American Perspectives on Islam: An Analytical Guide

Special Reports by Center for Global Policy

2018 This report reviews and categorizes the enormous corpus of knowledge produced by American academic and policy institutions about U.S. relations with the Middle East and other Islamic actors in the international arena.

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Accomplishments (2)

Award of Excellence, American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin (professional)


Best Political Philosophy Books of All Time, BookAuthority (professional)


Education (4)

Georgetown University: PhD 2000

Florida International University: MA, International Studies 1995

SPJIMR SP Jain Institute of Management & Research: MBA, Management Science

Muffakham Jah College of Engineering & Technology: BE, Electronics Engineering

Event Appearances (5)

"Islam, Islamism and Democracy in Egypt after the Counterrevolution”

(2014) World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies  Ankara, Turkey

“The Future of Islamism and the Demand for the Islamic State after the Arab Spring”

(2014) International Conference on Islamism  IDE, Istanbul

"The Challenges that Muslims Face as Minorities in the West”

(2014) Muslim World Studies Annual Conference  Istanbul

“American Muslim Exceptionalism: The New Face of Muslim Politics in America”

(2014) Muslim World Studies Annual Conference  Istanbul

“Islamophobia and Radicalism: A Vicious Cycle”

(2015) International Terrorism Conference  Uskudar, Turkey