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Nadja Bester - Various international online media and communications companies. Knysna Area, South Africa, , ZA

Nadja Bester

Digital Brand and Communications Ninja | Various international online media and communications companies

Knysna Area, South Africa, SOUTH AFRICA

Digital Brand and Content Marketing Jedi



The older I get, the less defined and restricted my career becomes. I am, at the core, an agent for social change. I seek out purpose, passion, and creativity in every endeavour I take on.For the past number of years, digital marketing has become a growing passion and, ultimately, a somewhat feverish obsession. But for all the right's the single most effective wonder-way there is to convey messages and effect change and shifts in consciousness. In my line of work, the best is always yet to be!Marketing is not, and should never be, about dirty tricks and sleazy sales. Marketing is presenting the story of your business to the world, like the storytellers of old sitting around a campfire, engaging with their audience as they transport them into a world of possibility about what they want and who they want to be. Marketing is creating a conversation with the people who will be empowered by your offerings. Your offerings should always start with the marketing experience itself.I am an earth-lovin' greenie who could happily spend the majority of my time out and about, exploring the beauty and the splendour that is this awe-inspiring planet.I wholeheartedly support movements such as back-to-the-land, tiny house movement, sustainable living, and organic food production. Animalactivismis a biggie, and there will come a day when I'll be off into the unknown, saving seaturtles from the brink of extinction.An education evolutionist at heart, I am passionate about contributing to the evolution of education and learning into an organic byproduct of living that matches the constant change, brilliant innovations, and out-there reality that is the 21st century.

This has translated into such endeavours as building a global alternative education community, and designing and facilitating workshops, courses, and individualised coaching sessions and packages for learners and students, educators and parents, and the community at large. It takes a village to balance a society, and passionate visionaries to pull the village together.If anything, it has taught me that should energies be combined to contribute towards a common goal (and we homo sapiens are innovative enough to have lots of those), alchemy is the result. After all, who doesn't like a bit of gold to go with their tea and biscuits :)

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University of South Africa/Universiteit van Suid-Afrika: B.Psych, Psychology 2009

Psychology Criminology Sociology Theology Anthropology Religious Studies Philosophy

University of the Free State: PGCE, Secondary Education and Teaching 2011

Mythology Education English Literature English Linguistics

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