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Natalie Allen - Missouri State University. Springfield, MO, US

Natalie Allen Natalie Allen

Clinical Instructor, Biomedical Sciences | Missouri State University

Springfield, MO, UNITED STATES

Natalie Allen instructs senior-level classes in the dietetics program and is the team dietitian for all Missouri State athletes.







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Natalie Allen shares responsibilities between the Biomedical Studies and Athletic departments at Missouri State University. She instructs senior-level classes in the dietetics program and is the team dietitian for all Missouri State athletes.

She has a background in sports nutrition—having worked with athletes of all abilities, from high school football teams to professionals—and experience in clinical and community dietetics. Allen worked as a curriculum writer and educator for St. Louis schools, became the face and voice of dietetics in the media and was a clinical dietitian at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, the teaching hospital affiliated with Washington University School of Medicine. She wrote the curriculum for “Fun”tastic Nutrition and SNEAKERS published throughout elementary, middle and high schools in Missouri to teach nutrition to children.

Allen has held speaking engagements at numerous national conferences; she enjoys public speaking and making nutrition practical and applicable. A Springfield native, who is proud to be an alumna of the university, Allen attends Bears games, run 5Ks with her family and experiments in the kitchen.

Industry Expertise (4)

Education/Learning Health and Wellness Sport - Professional Sport - Amateur

Areas of Expertise (3)

Health Dietetics Athletics

Accomplishments (2)

Recognized Young Dietitian of The Year (professional)

St. Louis Dietetic Association

Emerging Dietetic Leader (professional)

St. Louis Dietetic Association

Education (2)

University of Missouri: MS, Education 1998

Missouri State: BS, Dietetics 1995

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