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NatashaBC SexworkersSufferageMovement - SexWorkers Sufferage Movement. Calgary, AB, CA

NatashaBC SexworkersSufferageMovement

Sex Worker Activist and Advocate | SexWorkers Sufferage Movement

Calgary, AB, CANADA

Career Sex Worker and Sex Work Advocate/Activist Fighting to Recognize Sex Workers as Persons


I believe that next wave in feminism is recognizing Sex Work is Work! Sex Workers are persons and should finally be recognised as such under the Law. For all naysayers, I believe that the proverbial line in the sand needs to be finally drawn, between Sex Work and Sexual Slavery/Sexploitation.

Industry Expertise (3)

Political Organization

Consumer Services


Areas of Expertise (3)

Feminism and Sexwork

Sexwork and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Sex Work Vs. Sexploitation. What is the Difference?

Accomplishments (1)

Education and Prevention Committee Coordinator (professional)


I worked as the coordinator of the Education and Prevention Committee for Prostitution Alternatives Counciling and Education (acronym-P.A.C.E.)Society in Vancouver for 8 years.