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Nathalie Ng - Dominon Lending Centres. Toronto GTA, York Region, ON, CA

Nathalie Ng Nathalie Ng

Dominon Lending Centres

Toronto GTA, York Region, ON, CANADA

Empower your mindset to build wealth and live abundantly



Did you know that you are living on a "Gold Mind"?

Whatever your dreams are, your desires in life, these thoughts will stay and run unconsciously until you achieve them.
Ladies and Gentlemen, life is too precious to live according to other people's rules.

Your Life, your desires and HOW you want your life to be designed is YOUR CHOICE and for you to live.
So make it happen.

As an immigrant in Canada with little English, I had to learn the culture, and learn how Money and finance work here.

After more than a 12 years in the financial industry from:
1. Lending and Underwriting Loans
2. Equities Trading at a Global Investment Banker
3. Investment Portfolio and Account management and
4. Private Lending, Private Loans and Private Mortgages

Now you benefit not only from this concrete experience, but also from the “Mindset” training of the successful.
Be empowered to be financially savvy, in and out and let Abundance flow in.

As a previously hired speaker with the government, I empower You, Women, Immigrants, Divorcees and Young adults on their mindset with money. Financial Literacy is part of it.

Let me ask you a simple question:
What is keeping you from achieving any goal in life?

Through our workshops and top notch coaching, attendees are armed with concrete knowledge. They are accountable in taking action towards achieving their goals, using the tools only a handful know and resources they seek.

Feedback received:
"Nathalie is the person you want to hire to seek guidance on your finance. Her knowledge, experience and mindset on business, and using Other People's Money and credit is beyond our imagination. I am so thankful I travelled 2 hours for this conference".

Should you wish to connect and discuss how you (personally) or your organization & association will benefit, kindly please get in touch with me directly at:

Do you know how many of your loved ones, your employees or members will be grateful? Just imagine.

Since you've read so far, please do send me an email. Please let me know what's in your mind, what your thoughts are. May be I could help you in ways you don't expect.

Looking forward to connecting with you and on Social Media.

Accomplishments (1)

Co-founded Toastmasters at University of Toronto (professional)


As a Teaching Assistant with little English, I co-founded Toastmasters at University of Toronto to help me through the fear of public speaking.

Education (1)

University of Toronto: B. Com, Economics and Finance 2000

Languages (1)

  • English, french



  • Keynote
  • Moderator
  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Host/MC
  • Corporate Training


*Will consider certain engagements for no fee