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Navid Asadi - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Navid Asadi

Associate Professor | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Navid Asadi works on approaches to secure microelectronics and PCBs using advanced physical methods based on imaging and characterization.


Navid Asadi's passion lies in pushing the boundaries of research and innovation in the field of security and assurance for microelectronics. As the director of the Security and Assurance (SCAN) lab, which houses more than $10 million worth of advanced imaging and characterization equipment, he leads a team of talented researchers and students in conducting cutting-edge research. Additionally, Asadi holds the position of associate director of the Microelectronics Security Training (MEST) center, a multi-million dollar program aimed at training and reskilling professional engineers in the area of security.

Areas of Expertise (10)


Failure Analysis


Computer Vision


Microelectronics Security


Artifical Intelligence

Chip Packaging


Media Appearances (1)

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UF Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering  online


The work that we're developing here at the Center for Coastal Solutions is really transferable not only across the state of Florida but across the nation and the world. We're building fundamental capabilities and how we model the watershed, the estuary, and the ocean dynamics, and this optimization of solutions is also something that is transferable almost anywhere you go on the planet.

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Articles (3)

EVHA: Explainable Vision System for Hardware Testing and Assurance—An Overview

ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems

Md Mahfuz Al Hasan, et. al


Due to the ever-growing demands for electronic chips in different sectors, semiconductor companies have been mandated to offshore their manufacturing processes. This unwanted matter has made security and trustworthiness of their fabricated chips concerning and has caused the creation of hardware attacks. In this condition, different entities in the semiconductor supply chain can act maliciously and execute an attack on the design computing layers, from devices to systems.

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FPIC: A novel semantic dataset for optical PCB assurance


Nathan Jessurun, et. al


Outsourced PCB fabrication necessitates increased hardware assurance capabilities. Several assurance techniques based on AOI have been proposed that leverage PCB images acquired using digital cameras. We review state-of-the-art AOI techniques and observe a strong, rapid trend toward ML solutions. These require significant amounts of labeled ground truth data, which is lacking in the publicly available PCB data space.

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Physical Inspection and Attacks on Electronics: An Academic Course for the Hardware Cybersecurity Workforce

IEEE Security & Privacy

John True, Navid Asadi


Many topics in the hardware security community, such as physical inspection and attacks, are still in early stages of research. As the semiconductor industry continues to advance towards higher volume production, there is an increasing demand to inspect and verify the functionality and security of these devices. This article aims to increase academic exposure to these research areas and raise awareness around educating the cybersecurity workforce.

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