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Dr Nazanin Zand - University Alliance. Greenwich, England, GB

Dr Nazanin Zand

Associate Professor of Food and Science Nutrition | University of Greenwich

Greenwich, England, UNITED KINGDOM

She researches - and advises industrial partners - on issues of nutrition, food content and food production.

Areas of Expertise (10)


Baby Food

Healthy Eating

Special Diets




Food Allergies


Airline Food


Dr Nazanin Zand is Associate Professor of Food and Science Nutrition in the School of Science at the University of Greenwich. She researches - and advises industrial partners - on issues of nutrition, food content and food production. She has especially explored nutritional diets for babies, children, in school canteens, and for the elderly population. In addition, she has researched how to extend the shelf life of post-harvested and perishable foods. She has commented in the media on issues such as processed food, gastronomy, obesity, healthy eating, and food innovation.

During her earlier career Nazanin developed the nutritional content of meals served by British Airways - including addressing the particular dietary needs of passengers with food allergies. She has qualifications in agricultural engineering, food safety quality management and nutritional chemistry, Her PhD examined the nutritional quality of infant food. She advises the food processing industry on product development, nutritional content and tailored diets for markets such as older people. She has worked with several food companies including Danone, Veetee Food, Algycyte, Bare Foods, Little Tummy and Piccolo Baby Food.

She is frequently invited to contribute to a number of food related projects including promotion of healthy nutrition in relation to early life development such as “Eating Well: first year of life Practical guide” published by the Caroline Walker Trust and “Baby food in the UK” First Step Nutrition. Dr Zand research has also been referenced in Public Health England (2019) rapid scoping review examining the role and impact of commercial baby foods and drinks on the diets of children aged 4 months.

Media Mentions (6)

Food Unwrapped

Channel 4  online


Jimmy Doherty investigates whether protein supplements really build a buff body; Matt finds out which foods generate the most wind; and Kate Quilton lifts the lid on peanut butter

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Secrets Of Your Supermarket Food

My5  online


Stefan looks into the concerns over imported chicken from the US, and there's a report on baby foods with high levels of sugar.

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The Honest Supermarket: What’s Really in Our Food?

BBC Two  online


For every pound we spend on food shopping, 77p goes to the supermarkets, giving them a huge influence over what we eat. But can we trust the supermarkets to tell us the truth about what we are buying and how it was produced? Or do their profits come first?

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Watchdog Test House

BBC One  online


Series in which Sophie Raworth reveals how household products are tested, putting the makers' claims on trial and showing how to get the best value for money. Lynn Faulds Wood looks at the safety of products in the home and the Watchdog campaigns that have been saving lives for more than 30 years.

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Morning Live

BBC One  


Anna Haugh investigates the how bad it is to eat mouldy food with the help of expert, Dr Nazanin Zand

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Evening Standard

Evening Standard  print


The Evening Standard and Independent have joined forces to help out Londoners in-need this christmas by providing free meals to those who need it most.

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Education (3)

University of Greenwich: Ph.D., Food science and Nutrition 2012

University of Greenwich: M.Sc., Food Safety and Quality Management 2003

Azad University: B.Sc., Food Technology & Agriculture Engineering 1998

Affiliations (6)

  • Member of All Party Parliamentary Food and Health Forum
  • Member of the Research Award Board, Coeliac UK
  • Member of Institute of Leaderships and Management
  • Fellow of Institute of Food Science And Technology
  • Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8 Lead Auditor
  • MEMBER of the Kent and Medway NHS Trust Joint Research collaboration.

Event Appearances (5)

Invited Keynote at 20th Food Innovation Asia Conference

BITEC (2018)  Bangkok, Thailand

Member and Chair of the organising committee

4th International Food Technology Conference (2015)  London, England

Invited speaker on Improving DHA content of infant foods in the UK

5th Euro-Global Summit and Expo on Food and Beverage (2015)  Alicante, Spain

Chair of the Session on Probiotics

Food Matters Lives (2014)  London, England

Invited Speaker on behalf of the Organizing Committee

Food Technology Conference (2014)  Las Vegas, USA

Articles (5)

Tinted Semi‐Transparent Solar Panels Allow Concurrent Production of Crops and Electricity on the Same Cropland

Advanced Energy Materials

2020 Agrivoltaics describes concurrent agricultural production of crops and photovoltaic generation of electricity on the same cropland. By using tinted semi‐transparent solar panels, this study introduces a novel element to transform the concept of agrivoltaics from just solar‐sharing to selective utilization of different light wavelengths.

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Controlled release of microencapsulated docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) by spray–drying processing

Food Chemistry

2019 The omega-3-fatty acid, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 22:6 n-3, is an important food component for the visual and brain development of infants. In this study two approaches have been explored for the encapsulation of DHA in the pH dependant polymer hydroxyl-propyl-methyl-cellulose-acetate-succinate (HPMCAS).

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Effect of Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Multilayer Flexible Films on pH of Fresh Quail Meat

Microbiology Research Journal International

2018 In this study, the effect of different concentrations of three gas mixture (Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen), and also vacuum and ordinary conditions and using different flexible multi-layer pouches were studied for evaluating pH changes of quail meat at (4 C).

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Calcium to phosphorus ratio, essential elements and vitamin D content of infant foods in the UK: Possible implications for bone health

Maternal & Child Nutrition

2017 Adequate intake of calcium and phosphorus in the appropriate ratio of 1–2:1 (Ca:P), in addition to magnesium and vitamin D, is vital for bone health and development of infants. In this feasibility study, the ratio of Ca:P in conjunction with vitamin D and other essential elements (Cu, Fe, K, Mg, Na, and Zn) in a range of commercial infant food products in the UK was investigated.

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Vitamins A and E content of commercial infant foods in the UK: A cause for concern?

Food Chemistry

2017 According to the European Food Safety Authority, currently, there are no reliable data or robust guidelines available in relation to the micronutrient composition of infant foods. This study evaluated the intake of vitamins A and E of infants from ‘ready-to-feed’ foods and formulas.

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