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The most infamous English king and Leadership Trait speaker

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Henry VIII and his 6 essential leadership traits

In this powerful keynote presentation Henry tells delegates the 6 most important traits that they should seek to develop in order to become better leaders. He illustrates the traits with stories from Tudor England, from the Battle of Bosworth to the mistakes of Bloody Mary and Elizabeth 1's famous speech to her troops at Tilbury. Of course, you should not make the mistake of thinking just because these stories are five hundred years old they hold no relevance to today's modern world. As Henry highlights, leadership is an art that has been around since the dawn of time. The traits that made leaders successful in the past are the same traits that make leaders successful today. Leaders are never more in demand than today. All organisations be they businesses, government departments, charities, schools etc need leaders. But leaders aren't just needed at the top of an organisation. They are needed at all levels. This is a session that works for everyone within an organisation. As Winston Churchill once said "Study history, study history. In history you will find all the secrets of statecraft." Using the theory that laughter helps learning this keynote presentation is fun packed and will have your audience rolling in their seats. It's also interactive, once lucky "subject" gets personal instruction from the king on how to stand like a leader. You might want to get your mobile phones out for that. Delegates will take away. ï¾· An understanding that leaders are not born, they are made. ï¾· A belief that anyone can be a leader. ï¾· The importance of demonstrate leadership traits. ï¾· The six most important leadership traits to develop and demonstrate. ï¾· The understanding that the sword isn't required to lead. This session can be delivered as either a 45 minute or 1 hour keynote presentation.