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Neil Morgan - Indiana University, Kelley School of Business. Bloomington, IN, US

Neil Morgan Neil Morgan

Professor of Marketing | Indiana University, Kelley School of Business

Bloomington, IN, UNITED STATES

Neil Morgan's research focuses on brand strategy, marketing capabilities, strategy formulation and performance assessment.

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  • PETsMART Inc. Distinguished Professor of Marketing Chair



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Neil A. Morgan is Professor and PetSmart Distinguished Chair of Marketing at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. He was previously on the faculty of the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler School of Business. Neil has also held faculty positions at the University of Wales, Cardiff, Cambridge University, and the University of Michigan. He has a BA from the London School of Economics, and an MBA and PhD in business administration from the University of Wales. His primary research and consulting interests are in brand strategy, marketing capabilities, customer feedback systems, marketing strategy formulation and implementation, and marketing performance assessment.

Neil has published widely on strategic marketing and management topics. His research appears in Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Operations Management, Decision Sciences, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Strategic Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management, British Journal of Management, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Professional Services Marketing, and Long Range Planning. He serves on a number of journal boards and program committees and is also the author of the book Professional Services Marketing, published by Heinemann.

Neil has consulted for a large number of firms in a variety of industries and in different parts of the world including the US, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Russia, and South Africa. He is also a multi-award winning MBA teacher and a frequent speaker in management development and executive education programs around the world. Clients include:

Johnson & Johnson
Hitachi Data Systems
Exxon Mobil
Dade Behring
United Healthcare
Asia, inc.
Richard Ellis
U.S. Navy
National City
Performance Food Group
Asia-Pacific Breweries
Deutsche Bank
Kaiser Permanente

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Market Research

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Marketing Management

Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy

International Marketing

Services Marketing

Competitive Intellegence

Accomplishments (8)

MBA Teaching Excellence Award (professional)

Awarded by Indiana University.

Eli Lilly MBA Teaching Excellence Award (professional)

Awarded by Indiana University.

Outstanding Inspiration and Mentorship Award (professional)

Awarded by the IU Doctoral Student Association.

Outstanding Inspiration and Mentorship Award (professional)

Awarded by the IU Doctoral Student Association.

"Ten Most Popular Professors" at top MBA programs (professional)

Recognized by BusinessWeek.

Business Faculty Research Productivity Award (professional)

Awarded by the Kelley School of Business.

Excellence in Global Marketing Research Award (professional)

Awarded by AMA Global Marketing SIG.

Citation of Excellence Award (professional)

Awarded by Emerald.

Education (3)

University of Wales: Ph.D., Business Administration 1996

University of Wales: M.B.A., Business Administration 1987

London School of Economics, University of London: B.A., Undergraduate Studies 1986

Media Appearances (2)

To Professor Neil Morgan

Kelley School of Business  online


“Don’t you make the mistake of calling me British, I am Welsh!” These were first few words of yours I heard. And I knew in my heart that your teaching style was no exception to the general quirky personality of every professor at The Kelley School of Business MBA program. As subsequent classes unfolded, you have continued to show varying shades of your signature style.

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Marketing Prof Neil Morgan named to PETsMART Chair

Kelley School of Business online  online


Professor Neil Morgan has been appointed as the first holder of the PETsMART Chair in Marketing.

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Research Grants (4)

A New Approach to Switching Costs

Marketing Science Institute $6,400

2014/2015 With Kelly Hewett, Lopo Rego, and Abhi Bhattacharya.

Consumer Shoppability Perceptions, Store Characteristics, and Store Performance in the 'Traditional' Channel

Coca-Cola $100,000

2009/2010 With Ray Burke.

The Performance Impact of Co-Branding Strategies

IU Center for Brand Leadership $15,000

2008/2009 With Yuna Kim and Rebecca Slotegraaf.

Linking Consumer Shoppability Perceptions, Visual Store Characteristics, and Store Performance

Sears Holdings $137,000

2008/2009 With Ray Burke.

Articles (5)

Firm capabilities and growth: the moderating role of market conditions

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

2016 Using a contingency theory lens, this study explores the impact of multiple firm-level capabilities and their interactions on firm growth under different market conditions, using panel data from 612 U.S. public firms across 16 years in 60 industries.

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Assessing Performance Outcomes in Marketing

Journal of Marketing

2016 To date, there has been little conceptual development and no systematic examination of how researchers in marketing should conceptualize and measure the performance outcomes associated with firms’ marketing. The authors develop a theory-based performance evaluation framework and examine the assessment of such performance outcomes in 998 empirical studies published in the top 15 marketing journals from 1981 through 2014.

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Commentary on Shelby Hunt’s “The theoretical foundations of strategic marketing and marketing strategy: foundational premises, R-A theory, three fundamental strategies, and societal welfare”

AMS Review

2015 Twenty years after its introduction, this paper explores R-A theory in the context of marketing strategy research and considers three main issues.

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Marketing Department Power and Firm Performance

Journal of Marketing

2015 This study empirically investigates marketing department power in U.S. firms throughout 1993–2008 and assesses its impact on firm performance.

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Defining Quality: A Contingency Perspective

Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science

2014 Whilst quality is an issue that has become dominant in the strategies and operation of many organizations, the response of marketing academics has been relatively muted. It is possible to view the definitional problems and issues surrounding the concept of quality as a significant barrier to further conceptualization and empirical study. In the organizational context this may be one cause of the inter-functional co-ordination problems and conflict that are often associated with the operation of quality management. In an attempt to address these issues a basic contingency model is presented and the implications for the role of marketing in the management of quality discussed.

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