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Nicole Jolley - Church Mutual. Merill, WI, US

Nicole Jolley

Assistant Vice President - Nonprofit and Human Services | Church Mutual


Nicole offers an inside look at risks and liabilities nonprofits face, especially within food banks, homeless shelters and group homes.




Nicole Jolley directs Church Mutual’s nonprofit and human services business, bringing a balance of strong experience in insurance and underwriting with an immersion in the nonprofit sector. She was recognized by Business Insurance as a “Breakout Award” winner and as an emerging leader by NU Property & Casualty.

Nicole offers an inside look at the challenges and opportunities nonprofits face – especially within food banks, homeless shelters and group homes – in regard to risks and liabilities.

As part of her role, Nicole ensures that Church Mutual works with its nonprofit clients to address emerging trends and evaluates how data and insight from new technologies and automation can support the nonprofit space.

Nonprofits’ operations have been turned on their heads in the wake of societal response to COVID-19 and the death of George Floyd. Nicole provides a unique point of view on the ways nonprofit leadership decisions are impacted by risks related to decreased donations, staffing cuts, limitations with client/donor interactions, new advances in crowdfunding and approaches of “shared economy” (nonprofits sharing office space and vehicles).

Nicole also brings the perspective of a millennial leader within the insurance industry – which is often seen as stodgy – and she can speak to how insurance provides employees energy, social responsibility and affirmation.

Expert Topics (4)

State of nonprofits – greatest challenges and opportunities they face

1. The events of 2020 – including COVID-19 and the social movements sparked by the death of George Floyd – have turned operations and planning for nonprofits on their heads. What is the impact on and implications for insurance? 2. Crowdfunding has become a must-do for most nonprofits – how can they do it successfully and safely?

Food pantries facing increased demand

1. Food pantries across the country continue seeing spikes in demand related to the pandemic and in areas experiencing unrest – how can they best manage unexpected risks? 2. How do food pantry leaders adjust practices and policies to respond to changes in donations, staffing levels and face-to-face interactions with those they serve?

Legislative changes nonprofits need to prepare for

1. Changes to sexual misconduct statutes of limitations: why and how nonprofits need to be prepared. 2. In an election year, how nonprofits should continue to plan for recent and potential future changes to tax deductions that can impact donations.

Nonprofits innovating with Uber and Airbnb-like shared economy – risks involved with sharing vehicles, spaces and more

1. Nonprofits seek to innovate with shared vehicles (to help elderly get to medical appointments, for example, or shared workspaces), but have nonprofit leaders thought through any new liabilities that come with this innovation? 2. With COVID-19, as more nonprofit spaces sit empty, nonprofits are coming together to share spaces and explore other uses for buildings. What does that mean for their insurance coverage?

Areas of Expertise (5)

New Technology and Automation for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Operations


Human Services

Emerging Trends to Support Nonprofits

Education (2)

Xavier University: M.B.A., Business Administration and Management 2015

University of New Orleans: B.S., Finance 2008

Media Appearances (3)

Take a ‘Deep Dive’ Into the Nonprofit Sector: Nonprofits Treading Water as Market Hardens

Insurance Journal  online


“The #MeToo movement and changes in sexual misconduct reviver statutes across the country, where many states are suspending the statutes of limitations for abuse and molestation, are having an impact on liability rates for both nonprofit and for-profit businesses,” said Nicole Jollie, director of Nonprofit at Church Mutual Insurance Co. in Merrill, Wis.

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2019 Break Out Awards, Midwest: Nicole Jolley

Business Insurance  online


“The industry is so complex and requires someone to be willing to do research and be willing to learn about the different functional areas in the business and keep up with emerging trends.”

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The Emerging Leaders Conference announces its 2020 class

NU Property & Casualty  online

More than 100 professionals from all areas of the industry have been recognized as some of the best and brightest talents in insurance: Nicole Jollie honored from Church Mutual Insurance, S.I.

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