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Nicole Peritore, PhD - Augusta University. Augusta, GA, US

Nicole Peritore, PhD

Assistant Professor | Augusta University


Nicole Peritore is an assistant professor of kinesiology in the College of Education and Human Development at Augusta University.






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Areas of Expertise (4)

Food Insecurity

Health Promotion

Healthy Living

Community Health

Accomplishments (4)

Nominee, College of Education Faculty Service Award, Augusta University (professional)


Nominee, College of Education Faculty Service Award, Augusta University (professional)


Hackensmith Outstanding Graduate Award, Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion, University of Kentucky (professional)


Hackensmith Outstanding Undergraduate in Exercise Science, Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion, University of Kentucky (professional)


Education (4)

University of Kentucky: PhD, Communication 2016

University of Kentucky: Graduate Certificate, Maternal and Child Health 2012

University of Kentucky: MS, Kinesiology and Health Promotion 2012

University of Kentucky: BA, Education, Kinesiology 2007

Affiliations (5)

  • National Physical Activity Society : Member
  • Nutrition & Obesity Policy Research & Evaluation Network : Rural Food Access Working Group
  • Georgia Society for Health Educators : Member
  • Journal of Health Education Teaching : Reviewer
  • American Journal of Health Promotion : Reviewer

Media Appearances (3)

Augusta University Launches New Degree for Health Promotion

Augusta CEO  online


“This program enables graduates to work in many areas of community health, identify health disparities and work in and around communities to improve health outcomes,” said Dr. Nicole Peritore, assistant professor of kinesiology.

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Ask professors: Making the grade

Jagwire  online


“My number one piece of advice for a student in my class is to not only come to class– but participate- be present! When you get engaged with the class, it not only becomes more enjoyable for you as a student, but you will get more out of it,” Dr. Nicole Peritore, College of Education, Department of Kinesiology.

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Professional Disc Golf Association Releases Disc Golf Interest Survey

PRWeb  online


“Being in academia, I am always interested in the ‘why’ behind things,” Dr. Peritore said. “So naturally the ‘why’ behind the growth of disc golf has caught my attention. More specifically, there is a gap in published or research information about why people enjoy disc golf so much and the ways that enjoyment may contribute to the growth of the game.”

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Articles (5)

The Mentorship Maze: Navigating the Undergraduate-Researcher Quandary

nternational Journal of Kinesiology in Higher Education

Hannah Bennett, Nicole Peritore, A. Maleah Holland-Winkler

2021 Mentoring undergraduate student research is both challenging and rewarding for faculty members. With so many other obligations in research, teaching, and service, inexperienced faculty members may become quickly overwhelmed by volunteering time to mentor undergraduate research projects. Mentoring undergraduate research is often categorized as service; this may lead tenure-track assistant professors who are working to build a research portfolio to opt out of the mentorship process.

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Extension as a Backbone Support Organization for Physical Activity Promotion: A Collective Impact Case Study From Rural Kentucky

Journal of Physical Activity and Health

Margaret McGladrey, Angela Carman, Christy Nuetzman, Nicole Peritore

2020 Background: Rural counties in the United States face daunting structural issues that reduce their populations' physical activity levels, including geographic isolation as well as deficits in infrastructure, public transportation, health care providers, and funding. Methods: Funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provided an opportunity to assess how Extension enhanced the collective impact of systems-level physical activity promotion programming through a multisectoral coalition in Clinton County, Kentucky.

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Community-Wide Efforts to Improve the Consumer Food Environment and Physical Activity Resources in Rural Kentucky

Preventing Chronic Disease

Alison Gustafson, Margaret McGladrey, Tammy Stephenson, Janet Kurzynske, Janet Mullins, Nicole Peritore, Kathryn Cardarelli, Ann Vail

2019 Community interventions to improve access to food and physical activity resources can reduce obesity rates and improve obesity-related health outcomes. We describe a Kentucky community project that consisted of collaborating with grocery store managers to improve the consumer food environment and partnering with community members to improve walking trails, bicycle racks, and other physical activity resources. We surveyed 2 random samples of community residents in 6 participating rural counties, 741 in 2016 (year 1) and 1,807 in 2017 (year 2).

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Examining Key Stakeholder and Community Residents’ Understanding of Environmental Influences to Inform Place-Based Interventions to Reduce Obesity in Rural Communities, Kentucky 2015

The Journal of Rural Health

Alison Gustafson, Margaret McGladrey, Emily Liu, Nicole Peritore, Kelly Webber, Brooke Butterworth, Ann Vail

2018 Purpose: Rural residents report high rates of obesity, physical inactivity, and poor eating habits. The objectives of this study were to (1) use the collective impact model to guide efforts to elicit community members’ perceptions of county-specific factors influencing high obesity rates; (2) determine the association between utilization of food retail venues and concern about obesity and healthy eating; and (3) determine community members’ utilization of physical activity infrastructure and concern about physical inactivity.

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Social Marketing Campaign at Farmers’ Markets to Encourage Fruit and Vegetable Purchases in Rural Obese Counties

Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior

Emily DeWitt, Margaret McGladrey, Emily Liu, Tammy Stephenson, Kelly Webber, Nicole Peritore, Brooke Butterworth, Alison Gustafson, Ann Vail

2017 Farmers’ markets are a food environment venue with the potential to increase fruit and vegetable consumption among rural residents of the United States. This study evaluated a social marketing campaign, Plate It Up Kentucky Proud (PIUKP), to determine the association between exposure to PIUKP and fruit and vegetable purchasing habits.

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