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Nils Vinje - Amity. Bend, OR, US

Nils Vinje

Partner | Glide Consulting


Nils Vinje formed Glide Consulting to share his expertise and success with clients.




How To Grow Your Career In Customer Success






After completing an MBA in Management and Organizational Behavior, Nils Vinje got into his first role in Customer Success as a Customer Success Manager. Nils’ alignment with and passion for Customer Success enabled him to rise very quickly from CSM to Team Lead to Director and finally VP. During his rise, he established a track record of orchestrating record-breaking renewals and up-sells. Nils’ leadership was enriched by becoming a Professional Coach in 2012. He has dedicated over 400+ hours to coach training and one-on-one coaching sessions with clients.
In January of 2015, Nils formed Glide Consulting to share his expertise and success with clients. To date, Glide’s clients range from hyper-growth start-ups like and Rainforest QA to Oracle Marketing Cloud. Glide’s proprietary framework called the 4 P’s - People, Purpose, Process and Platform, serves as the foundation on which to build a high performing Customer Success organization. Once the 4 P’s framework is implemented, Glide clients achieve predictability in both renewals and expansions.

Industry Expertise (2)

Business Services

Corporate Leadership

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Product Management

Business Development


Team Building


Education (2)

Loyola Marymount University: MBA, Management and Organizational Behavior 2009

University of Colorado Boulder - Leeds School of Business: B.S., InformationSystems 2000

Media Appearances (1)

Customer Success Is Proving That The Customer Made The Right Decision To Do Business With You



I had a chance to connect with Nils Vinje of Glide Consulting, a firm that specializes in customer success. He had some interesting comments that show how sales, customer service and customer success can sometimes be at odds, which is bad for long-term growth and sales, and even for the reputation of the company.

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Selected Blog Posts (2)

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After spending 8 years trying to find a fulfilling career, going from Engineer to Sales Rep, with a bit of Marketing in between, Nils Vinje finally had his “Aha!” moment with Customer Success. He first started as a Customer Success Manager and progressed to Manager, Director, and finally VP of Customer Success in less than 2.5 years. The thing is, Nils wasn’t just in the right place at the right time, so he knows very well what obstacles stand in the way of professionals trying to make it in Customer Success...

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QBRs are an amazing opportunity, but they're also where dropping the ball has the most painful impact. We asked leading Customer Success experts to share the biggest QBR mistakes Customer Success teams are guilty of, and how to avoid them moving forward.

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