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Pamella A. Seay, J.D. - Florida Gulf Coast University. Fort Myers, FL, US

Pamella A. Seay, J.D. Pamella A. Seay, J.D.

Expert in criminal, constitutional, aviation and international law | Florida Gulf Coast University


Pamella Seay specializes in international law and the courts.





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Professor Pamella Seay (pronounced Sea, like the ocean) is a 1997 Founding Faculty Member at Florida Gulf Coast University, where she teaches law-related courses in criminal law, constitutional law, and international law.

Professor Seay is an attorney, licensed to practice in Florida and South Carolina and is one of only 60 attorneys in Florida who have achieved Florida Bar Board Certification in International Law. She is a regular lecturer on international law and legal ethics, speaking in the US, and around the world, including Greece, Italy, China, England, Brazil and other sites. She is the author of a number of publications, focusing on international issues, including a textbook titled “International Travel and the Global Experience.” She is a Fulbright scholar, spending time in northern Africa studying globalization, and was a speaker on the USA Patriot Act at Oxford University Pembroke College.

Areas of Expertise (6)

Aviation Law


Criminal Justice

Criminal Law

International Law


Education (3)

University of South Carolina School of Law: J.D.

Stetson University College of Law: L.L.M., International Law

Kendall School of Design College of Art and Design: B.F.A., Graphic Design and Advertising

Selected Media Appearances (19)

Man arrested after trying to steal a Lee Tran trolley

NBC2  tv


Pamella Seay explains what specific arrest charges mean.

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Employers allowed to issue mandatory medical testing for coronavirus before employees return to work

NBC2  tv


Pamella Seay explains why employers are able to test for COVID-19.

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12-year-old dies in ATV accident in Collier County

ABC7  tv


Pamella Seay explains Florida ATV laws.

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Random Amazon packages arrive on Cape Coral resident's doorstep

ABC7  tv


Pamella Seay discusses the "brushing" scam.

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Regulating the state's hemp industry

Fox 4  tv


Pamella Seay discusses the "concerns over how [hemp] will be regulated within the state, how do we grow it, how do we produce it."

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What's next in the Khyler Edman case?

Fox 4  tv


Pamella Seay discusses on the possible next step in a Charlotte County court case.

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You won't be able to fly in the U.S. without a "Real ID" soon

ABC7  tv


Pamella Seay debunks false claims about the "Real ID."

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Ad warning people of fake prescription drugs hits Southwest Florida

NBC2  tv


Pamella Seay wonders whether an ad filled with warnings is really a scare tactic.

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Asheville airport officials want terminal to double in size. How will they pay for it?

Asheville Citizen-Times  print


Pamella Seay, who teaches airport law, offers her thoughts on the growth opportunities for the Asheville Regional Airport.

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Asheville woman in Trump rally incident suing conservative activist O'Keefe, Project Veritas

Asheville Citizen-Times  print


Pamella Seay looks at whether first amendment media protections apply to Project Veritas.

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Florida ranks number one for fraud complaints

ABC Action News  tv


Pamella Seay looks to Florida's large temporary population as the reason for the high ranking for fraud complaints.

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Scanning of driver's licenses causes privacy concerns for some

Fox 4  tv


Pamella Seay: the only reason to scan a license is to gather information besides age.

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Bill proposes adding religion class to Florida public schools

ABC7  tv


Pamella Seay reviews the potential legal challenges for a proposed Florida bill.

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Lee school board member wants graduates to remove caps when national anthem is played

The News-Press  print


Pamella Seay: "Simply because they are students doesn't mean they don't have First Amendment rights."

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Eight cases of fake money in last month across Southwest Florida

NBC2  tv


Pamella Seay demonstrates ways you can tell the difference between real and fake cash.

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The First Amendment Implications of 3D-Printed Guns

WGCU News  


Pamella Seay discusses 3D-Printed guns and their impact on interpretations of the 1st amendment.

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Attacking A Law Enforcement Officer May Be Considered A Hate Crime Soon

WGN Radio  


Pamella Seay talks about The Protect and Serve Act and its cons.

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How pro bono representations lead to paid work for lawyers

ABA Journal  print


Pamella Seay discusses her pro bono work

Media Appearance Image

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Miami Man's Arrest Spurs ACLU Lawsuit Challenging Federal Immigration Enforcement

WGCU News  


Pamella Seay joins to discuss the case of the arrest of Garland Creedle.

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Selected Articles (4)

Sovereign Immunity For Public Airport Operators

National Academy of Sciences, Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC,

Seay, P., Hodge, John Adams, and Seay, Kyle

2015 Sovereign Immunity for Public Airport Operations examines sovereign immunity as it applies to public airports that are owned and operated by units of local government or regional governmental authorities. This report summarizes the extent of sovereign immunity granted to airports from state to state.

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Why Certification Matters

International Law Quarterly

Pamella Seay

2007 Have you considered the possibility of becoming board certified in International Law? As a member of the International Law Section, you already acknowledge your interest in international law, and that your practice probably consists, at least in part, of providing advice on international legal issues. So, what’s keeping you from becoming board certified?

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Practicing Globally: Extraterritorial Implications of the USA PATRIOT Act’s Money-Laundering Provisions on the Ethical Requirements of US Lawyers in an International Environment

South Carolina Journal of International Law and Business

Pamella Seay

2007 The.USA PATRIOT Act' adopted in October 2001 created, among many other provisions, the International Money Laundering Abatement and Financial Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001. The purpose of this section, as stated in the Act, is to "prevent, detect and prosecute international money laundering and the financing of terrorism."' Recognizing that money laundering consists of at least $600,000,000,000 (600 billion US dollars) per year, representing from two to five percent of global gross domestic product, the impact on legitimate financial transactions and services is substantial. The international community deemed 'financing of terrorism' important enough to draft and 5 adopt a treaty on its suppression.

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Accountants, Attorney-Client Privilege, and the Kovel Rule: Waiver Through Inadvertent Disclosure Via Electronic Communication

Delaware Journal of Corporate Law

Al Pacini, Pamella Seay, and Raymond Placid

2004 Under certain circumstances, a lawyer may shield a non-testifying accountant or other business expert under the Kovel rule. This rule extends the attorney-client privilege to accountant-client communications and to work product when the accountant is hired to help in rendering legal services. The party claiming the privilege bears the burden of proving the existence of the factors required to sustain it. Various protective measures reviewed in this article are vital to preserve the extension of the privilege to accountants and other business experts.

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