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Pankaj Patel, PhD - Villanova University. Villanova, PA, US

Pankaj Patel, PhD

Frank J. and Jane E. Ryan Endowed Chair in Strategy and Innovation; Professor of Management & Operations | Villanova School of Business | Villanova University


Pankaj Patel, PhD, is a leading expert on innovation and entrepreneurship.





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Innovation & Creativity

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Dr. Patel is a leading source on issues related to innovation, entrepreneurship and health and self-employment. Dr. Patel mentors Villanova’s rising entrepreneurs and leaders, and actively promotes the connection of theory to practice through research, leadership and community outreach. His research has been featured on CNBC.

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University of Louisville: phD

University of Louisville: MA

Spalding University: BA

Select Media Appearances (5)

Your Employees May Be Sickened By the Thought of Losing Their Jobs to Automation

Small Business Trends  online


County-level Job Automation Risk and Health: Evidence from the United States is the resulting report from the study conducted by Srikant Devaraj, a research assistant professor with Ball State’s Center for Business and Economic Research; Michael Hicks, Center for Business and Economic Research director; Emily J. Wornell, a research assistant professor with Ball State’s Indiana Communities Institute; and Pankaj C. Patel with Villanova University.

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Automation risks costing people their health as well as their jobs

The Hill  online


Does the risk of automation-related job losses effect more than labor market outcomes? That question is central to a new study on automation-related employment risk and health outcomes at the county level. In this work, colleagues at Villanova and Ball State Universities investigated whether the higher prevalence of workers exposed to automation-risk resulted in different health-care outcomes.

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Study: Fear of Robots Taking Their Jobs Is Making Workers Sick

Inc.  online


Hicks conducted the study with fellow Ball State researchers Srikant Devaraj and Emily Wornell, as well as Villanova University's Pankaj Patel. The researchers used county-level data, individual data from the General Social Survey, and two other surveys. The study found that with every 10 percentage-point increase in automation risk, employees' general health was 2.38 percent worse--and their mental health 0.6 percent worse.

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For Startups Seeking Capital, The Name Is No Game

Innovate Long Island  


What’s in a name? Maybe everything, if you’re a startup in need of early-stage capital. A new study by researchers from Stony Brook University, Drexel University and Villanova University explores the effects of “name fluency” on investors – that is, the familiarity, uniqueness and phonetic influence of a company name, and how venture capitalists tend to react. By exploring “the two ways you can evaluate a name, two kinds of fluency,” the study aims to be a resource to entrepreneurs and investors alike, according to co-author Richard Chan, an assistant professor in SBU’s College of Business who conducted the research with Drexel professor Haemin Park and Villanova professor Pankaj Patel.

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Testosterone Levels in the Womb Affect Your Likelihood of Becoming an Entrepreneur



In the unending debate of Nature versus Nurture, new research puts forward an argument for nature. Higher levels of testosterone in the womb are associated with higher likelihood of becoming an entrepreneur, according to new research from Villanova School of Business Professor Dr. Pankaj Patel.

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Select Academic Articles (5)

Struggling with social capital: Pakistani women micro entrepreneurs’ challenges in acquiring resources

Entrepreneurship and Regional Development

Marta Lindvert, Pankaj C. Patel & Joakim Wincent


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Instant gratification: temporal discounting and self-employment

Small Business Economics

Wolfe, M.T., Patel, P.C.


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Two are better than one: Cortisol as a contingency in the association between epinephrine and self-employment

Journal of Business Venturing Insights

Marcus T.Wolfe, Pankaj C.Patel


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Skin Tone and Self-Employment: is there an Intra-Group Variation among Blacks?

The Review of Black Political Economy

Devaraj, S., Patel, P.C.


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Encountered Problems and Outcome Status in Nascent Entrepreneurship

Journal of Small Business Management

Marco van Gelderen, Roy Thurik, Pankaj Patel


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