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Paolo Di Petta Paolo Di Petta

Mortgage Agent | Paolo Di Petta, Mortgage Agent

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, ON, CANADA

Mortgage Agent at EQRON Mortgage Corporation Ltd



Since 8 years of age, I held small summer jobs. My dad would tell me that, if I would save my money (instead of spending it on candy, toys and other stuff that kids buy) that he would double it for me, and then allow me to invest the proceeds with him into private mortgages.

I knew a good opportunity when I saw it - from that very early age, I learned things like interest calculations, how to understand mortgage contracts, and most importantly, the value of helping someone else fulfill their dreams.

After spending over 5 years in the exciting advertising world, I've decided to return to my roots, and offer my skills to help people.

As a mortgage agent, I can help provide the best rates for clients with excellent credit, as well as competitive rates for those with less than perfect credit. We can also help consolidate your debts into a lower interest home equity loan to help you pay off your debts faster.

On the other side of the coin, I can also help investors find investments with higher yields than any bank products available, along with the security of real estate. You can invest with your RRSPs, providing a secured investment with an attractive ROI.

Industry Expertise (3)

Investment Management

Real Estate Services

Financial Services

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Financial Literacy


Real Estate

Education (4)

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology: Mortgage Broker Course 2012

CAAMP: Ontario Mortgage Agent Course, Mortgages 2011

OREA Real Estate College: Real Estate Salesperson License, Real Estate 2012

Ryerson University: Graphic Communication Management 2006

Sample Talks (1)

The best day to plan for your financial future was yesterday...

...the next best day is today! I believe that everyone should have a grasp of basic financial concepts. When I realized that so many other people weren't blessed with parents and educators, I was shocked. I realized that I needed to make a difference. This is when I realized we need to start young. Purchasing habits start forming as young as 10-13 years of age. If we work together, we can teach the youth of tomorrow how to be financially responsible.



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