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Patrick Allmond - Focus Consulting Inc. Oklahoma City, OK, US

Patrick Allmond Patrick Allmond

Chief Experience Manager | Focus Consulting Inc

Oklahoma City, OK, UNITED STATES

Online marketing thought leader that can show any business how to be an internet rockstar





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Patrick Allmond, an in-demand social media leader, speaker and frequent consultant for Fox 25 TV and KSBI TV, has been running his business Focus for over 13 years. He is a recognized leader in the online marketing industry that is called upon to show businesses how to make the best use of social media and online marketing. The vast majority of social media and technology speakers talk in abstract theories that sound great, but leave you even more clueless that before you heard them talk. Patrick is not "that guy". He rolls up his sleeves and shows you exactly what you need to be doing in your business and in your life to grow and prosper. Forget "Old Media" and "new media". What you learn from Patrick will apply across the ages, and allow you to grow "Your Media" and a raving fan base that will live your products and services.

Every day Patrick is intently focused on helping companies find the right solution - technological or otherwise to their business challenges. He loves to share his insights as far as how best to use all of these wonderful tools that we have been given . He is also a huge advocate of networking and connecting the needs of people his knows with those that can fill those needs. Fewer things bring him more joy that helping people become successful by finding the right person to fulfill their needs. The recent growth of social media has produced amazing tools, and Patrick speaks and teaches businesses how to get the most bang for their time. There is a lot of noise out there with these new buzz words "Social Media" and "Social Networking". His goal is to get you through that noise into being productive ASAP.

Your next step when looking for someone to open your eyes to the world of Social Media? Check out Patrick Allmond of today.

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Creating a Raving Fan Base Online

In this session we cover how to start building a loyal raving fan base online. These are the people that will seek your help on a regular basis, and who will always recommend your products and services.



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