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Patrick Sullivan - Wake Forest University. Winston-Salem, NC, US

Patrick Sullivan Patrick Sullivan

Director, Strategic Projects | Wake Forest University

Winston-Salem, NC, UNITED STATES

Sullivan supports students in their internship search & coaches them on getting the most from their experiences.


What’s the best way to land an internship, and how can students turn it into a full-time job? At Wake Forest, Sullivan answers these and other related questions daily, coaching hundreds of students on their journeys from college to career each year. As a career development expert, he can speak about everything from current employment trends to how students should prepare for their first interview. Sullivan has been quoted in a variety of publications, including USA TODAY College, and has also penned articles for outlets like Fast Company.

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Job Hunting


Career Development

Personal Development

Higher Education

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Interview Preparation





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Education (2)

Wake Forest Univeristy: MBA, Business Administration

Wake Forest University: B.A., Political Science

Media Appearances (5)

How to assess company culture in a video interview

Fast Company  


The videoconference platform that a company chooses can be a clue, says Patrick Sullivan, director of strategic projects in the Office of Personal and Career Development at Wake Forest University. “Are they using a videoconferencing tool from a large corporation, or one from a startup?” he asks. “Do they lean towards partnering with well-established corporations? Edgy startups? The videoconferencing mechanism might be a sign.”

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How your college’s career services department can help your job search



“We help people wherever they are in their own career development,” says Patrick Sullivan, Interim Director of the Office of Personal and Career Development at Wake Forest University. “Maybe that’s putting together a resume, building a network or preparing for an interview. We can help you break down things that feel overwhelming.”

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How to turn an internship into a real job

Consumer Affairs  


“Soon-to-be seniors are hoping to land the job offer before crossing the stage in May and performing well in an internship that matches your skills and interests can help make that happen,” said Patrick Sullivan, an internship specialist at Wake Forest University.

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The Rise of Micro-Internships: How Students Can Take Advantage (And Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of)

Fast Company  


In today’s world, students don’t have to leave their dorm rooms to complete an internship halfway around the world. From an actor looking for a short-term virtual assistant in Los Angeles to the U.S. Department of State seeking Virtual Foreign Service interns, college career offices are seeing more and more employers offer micro-internships to college students. For most of these opportunities, students are hired to work on a specific project or task, usually remotely, at the same time they are completing their coursework. While the rise in virtual internships is relatively new, a recent Internships.com survey found 71% of students would be willing to complete a virtual internship. Most college career counselors do not yet track virtual opportunities as they would traditional internships, though the University of Texas at Austin is reporting an uptick in these offers, and many expect interning remotely as a trend that will pick up across a range of industries.

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Are internships the new temp agency?

USA Today College  


Summed up, “virtual internships and micro-internships allow students to prove that they have the skills and experiences employers are seeking, regardless of the time commitment,” says Patrick Sullivan, Associate Director at the Office of Career Development at Wake Forest.

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