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Patrick G. Maggitti, PhD - Villanova University. Villanova , PA, US

Patrick G. Maggitti, PhD

University Provost; Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship | Villanova University


Patrick G. Maggitti, PhD, is a recognized scholar in the areas of entrepreneurship and strategic management.





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Areas of Expertise (7)

Higher Education




Decision Making

Search Behavior

Market and Non-market Based Competition


Villanova University’s Provost since 2015, Patrick G. Maggitti, PhD, serves as the Chief Academic Officer of the University, overseeing the academic enterprise. Recognized for his scholarship, teaching ability and leadership, Maggitti possesses a breadth of experience in the academic, business and administrative arenas. He previously serves as the Helen and William O’Toole Dean of the Villanova School of Business.

A recognized scholar in the areas of entrepreneurship and strategic management, Maggitti has authored numerous publications for premier journals such as Research Policy, Journal of Management Studies and the Academy of Management Journal, widely considered the field’s most elite research publication. Maggitti’s research interests focus on dynamic processes, including strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, and market- and non-market-based competition. His research is highly cited by other scholars, and a 2008 article he coauthored was identified by the Academy of Management as among the best papers for thought leadership in the field of entrepreneurship.

Prior to academia, Dr. Maggitti spent nearly 15 years in the steel and mining industries, where he founded two successful companies and held a variety of roles, including chief executive officer, director of national sales, and board member. He has also consulted with a variety of international organizations—including several Fortune 500 companies—on many facets of strategy and entrepreneurial thinking.

Education (3)

University of Maryland: PhD

The John Hopkins University: MBA

St. Joseph's University: BS

Select Accomplishments (4)

Academy of Management IDEA Award (professional)

Received the award in the category of "Thought Leadership" for best paper published in the field of entrepreneurship in 2008.

Research Excellence Award (professional)

Received the Research Excellence Award from the Villanova School of Business' Center for Global Leadership in 2006.

Top Teacher in Management Award (professional)

Named the Top Teacher in the Management Department by St. Joseph's University in 2006.

Krowe Teaching Award (professional)

Received the Krowe Teaching Award from the University of Maryland's R. H. Smith School of Business in 2004.

Select Media Appearances (6)

Villanova Asks Professors to Discuss Postelection Tensions in Class

The Chronicle of Higher Education  


Many professors have chosen to scrap lesson plans and discuss the surprising election results with students. But Villanova stands out as an institution whose leaders have called on faculty members to address postelection tensions in class.

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March Madness Payout: Final Four Schools Surge In Applications



“The outcomes for the basketball championship are off the charts,” says Patrick Maggitti, provost of Villanova. “There’s this shared excitement and enthusiasm and belief in what we’re doing, and that excitement plays out when we have parents and their high school kids visiting campus. There’s a positive vibe and energy.”

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Business School Deans Step Up As Provosts and Presidents



As higher education goes through a period of examination and restructuring—as costs rise and ROI becomes paramount—top administrators must stay focused on the university as an enterprise, says Maggitti. “They have a responsibility to the students to utilize their money in the most efficient and effective way possible.

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Where's Best?

The Economist  


For students who want a broader curriculum, Villanova has mandatory courses on professional development, close ties to big accounting firms and top-tier graduate salaries. “Jobs are what you get for your money at Villanova,” says Patrick Maggitti, the provost.

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The Path to Change Runs Through the Provost’s Office

The Chronicle of Higher Education  


Villanova University announced this spring that the dean of its business school, Patrick G. Maggitti, would become its first provost. Villanova needed a provost, Mr. Maggitti says, to help build up its graduate-education programs and faculty research culture — part of a larger goal of enhancing the university’s national reputation.

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Be the Problem-Solver

U.S. News & World Report  


Employers want graduates who can think critically, analyze data and challenge the status quo. Op-ed by Patrick Maggitti

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Select Academic Articles (4)

The Complex Search Process of Invention

Research Policy

Patrick G. Maggitti, Ken G.Smith, RiittaKatilac


We inductively develop a process model of individual search in the context of technological invention, an important aspect of economic development that is also fundamental to the success of many organizations. Using an extensive archival content analysis of notable inventors we find that the search and discovery process of invention is inherently complex, non-linear, and disjointed. Successful inventors are skilled at managing these complex systems, receptive to feedback, and able to revisit and change course. Our search model includes a stimulus, net casting for information, categorizing that information, linking unrelated ideas, and discovery. Our findings articulate the search process as a complex progression through a series of simple stages. As such, the study contributes to our understanding of complexity and the complex systems view of the invention process.

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Top Management Attention to Innovation: The Role of Search Selection and Intensity in New Product Introductions

Academy of Management Journal

Qiang Li, Patrick G. Maggitti, Ken G. Smith, Paul E. Tesluk, Riitta Katila


We develop and test an attention-based theory of search by top management teams and the influence on firm innovativeness. Using an in-depth field study of 61 publicly traded high-technology firms and their top executives, we find that the location selection and intensity of search independently and jointly influence new product introductions. We have three important findings. First, in contrast to the portrait of local managerial search, we find teams that select locations that contain novel, vivid, and salient information introduce more new products. Next, unlike information-gathering approaches that merely “satisfice,” persistent search intensity may lead to increases in new product introductions. Finally, level of search intensity must fit the selected location of search to maximize new product introductions.

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Market Watch: Information and Availability Cascades Among the Media and Investors in the U.S. IPO Market

Academy of Management Journal

Timothy G. Pollock, Violina P. Rindova and Patrick G. Maggitti


In this study we advance current research on social influence in markets by examining how the recency and availability of information about others' actions within and between different communities influence their allocation of attention and their evaluations.

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The Red Queen Effect: Competitive Actions And Firm Performance

Academy of Management Journal

Pamela J. Derfus, Patrick G. Maggitti, Curtis M. Grimm and Ken G. Smith


We investigate the Red Queen effect as a contest of competitive moves or actions among rivalrous firms. The results from a multi-industry study of over 4,700 actions confirms the existence of Red Queen competition, whereby a firm's actions increase performance but also increase the number and speed of rivals' actions, which, in turn, negatively affect the initial firm's performance.

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