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Paul Calendrillo - The Excellence in Practice Enterprise. New York, NY, US

Paul Calendrillo Paul Calendrillo

President | The Excellence in Practice Enterprise


Highly motivational speaker with over 30 years experience successfully helping financial sales professionals increase revenues.



Paul Calendrillo has held senior positions with Merrill Lynch, Citicorp, PaineWebber, and NatWest Bank. He is presently President of the Excellence in Practice Enterprise.

Through Paul’s signature coaching program, Breaking Barriers, successful Financial Sales Professionals have sustained long-term increases of 20% or more in their production, and more importantly, enhanced their professionalism. Paul is the author of the book, The Unrivaled Professional, which details his proprietary relationship selling model.

Through Paul’s leadership, EPE has built solid relationships since 1997 with some of the most respected financial services organizations in the United States. These institutions rely on EPE to design and deliver productivity improvement programs of the highest quality.

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Capital Markets


Financial Services

Areas of Expertise (3)

High Impact Value Statements

Affinity Marketing for Financial Professionals

The Art of Profiling

Education (1)

New York University: MA, Philosophy

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High Impact Value Statements

UBS New Financial Advisor Training  New Jersey

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High Impact Value Statements

Successful Financial Advisors consistently remark that they have witnessed remarkable positive changes in the tone of each client meeting after reworking and using a value statement based on the principles delivered in this lecture. Lecture Outline The value of a value statement 1.Changes the tone of each meeting 2.Increases client receptivity 3.Positions the profiling step of the sales process 4.Brands the advisor's business 5.Distinguishes the advisor from the competition The anatomy of a value statement 1.Using other-centered language 2.The key benefits in the service philosophy 3.The key benefits in the investment philosophy Scripting 1.Key phrases 2.Customizing Paul's model scripts 3.Trial closes Setting the stage for the value statement 1.Build rapport 2.Transitions

The Art of Profiling

Our objective is to provide a profiling process that leads to a psychological close prior to any discussion about investment solutions or products. The program opens with a thorough analysis of why effective profiling will make a significant difference to productivity, mitigate objections and concerns and help build relationships.

Affinity Marketing

Our experience demonstrates that advisors who work smarter than their peers work more efficiently and are subsequently more successful. This lecture provides the tools and concepts needed to begin a marketing program that elevates prospect receptivity in the first few seconds of the initial contact.



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4000 to 6000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee