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Paul Mladjenovic is a CFP, national seminar leader, author and consultant. Since 1981, his specialties have been investing, financial planning and home business issues. During these 30 years, he has helped thousands of students and readers build wealth through his national seminars.

Paul has written Stock Investing for Dummies (all three editions), Zero-Cost Marketing, Precious Metals Investing for Dummies and the Job Hunter’s Encyclopedia and other books.

He has done many seminars including “The $25 Wealth-Builder”, “Ultra-Investing with Options” and the “Home Business Goldmine” among others. The full details on his (downloadable) financial & business start-up seminars are found at
He has been interviewed or referenced by numerous media sources such as CNN, Bloomberg and more.

Since 2000, He has built a strong reputation as an accurate economics and market forecaster. Paul’s long record includes accurate forecasts for the Housing bubble, Energy crisis, the current recession, the rise of precious metals and much more. In his educational programs, he shares his forecasts and expectation so that students can be forewarned and prepared. When people understand what trends and events are coming, this “heads up” give them the ability to make more profitable financial and business decisions.

As a writer, Paul is also the editor of the Prosperity Alert, a popular financial email newsletter. In addition, many have seen his articles and essays appear at popular financial websites and publications. Read more of Paul’s essays at his blog
For some video commentaries on the economy, financial markets and personal financial strategies, go to Paul mladjenovic’s video channel at youtube:

You can view Paul’s profile, views and news at and also follow him at

As a national speaker, Paul has done over 2,000 national seminars and workshops since 1983. He emphasizes a “two-pronged” approach to wealth-building. “Passive wealth-building” which means having your money work for you (with investing and financial strategies) and “Active wealth-building” strategies such as starting your own home business. For more information on seminar/ workshop programs, visit

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