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Paul Slaby - Yariba Tech. Ottawa, ON, CA

Paul Slaby

President | Yariba Tech

Ottawa, ON, CANADA

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Dr. Slaby is an accomplished high-tech executive and entrepreneur. He founded and/or run several successful high-tech ventures including ATMOS Corp, MicroSemiX, VoIPshield Systems, Kaben Wireless Silicon and others, leading them from ground zero through VC funding, product and market development, to industry leadership. His strength is in developing a vision, direction and strategy for the company, bringing "the right people on the bus", pioneering new business models, growing the revenue, arranging financing, and navigating the treacherous waters of rapid growth in an unknown territory.

He held various engineering and management positions in Bell Northern Research, Nortel Networks, and Carleton University before embarking on his entrepreneurial career.

He is an author of numerous articles, scientific publications and conference papers. He has several years of academic and teaching experience. He served on the Board of Directors of KABEN, VoIPshield, Strategic Microelectronics Consortium, ATMOS, and PHF. He also served as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the National Research Council and as an Advisor to Carleton University Foundry program.

Paul is also a student of history, a history of entrepreneurship, exploration, discovery and conquest. His enthrallment with the great achievers of history led him to draw lessons and parallels with the struggles of modern entrepreneurs, managers and executives which he shares in his fascinating talks and presentations.

Industry Expertise (2)

Corporate Leadership

VC and Private Equity

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Leadership Entreprenership Startups

Education (1)

ITE: Ph.D. 1981

Event Appearances (1)

What works and what doesn't in early-stage companies.

OCRI Entrepreneurship Centre: "Financing High-tech startups"  Ottawa, Ontario


Sample Talks (1)

What works and what doesn't in early-stage companies: confessions of a serial entrepreneur

Does high-tech start-up success need to be such a hit or miss endeavour? Is it an art, a science or something in between? This talk presents a pragmatic methodology for starting and growing a high-tech company. The talk covers the entrepreneurial transition, the mental roadblocks founders need to overcome, practical pointers for successful fundraising, the way to find sanity in the hyper intensity of the execution phase and finally how to handle the battles of that elusive liquidity event.



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