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Paul Sloane - Destination Innovation. Camberley, Surrey, GB

Paul Sloane Paul Sloane

Destination Innovation

Camberley, Surrey, UNITED KINGDOM

Entertaining Speaker on Lateral Thinking in Business



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Paul Sloane spent 11 years at IBM where he was a top Salesman and PC Software Marketing Manager. He became Marketing Director and Managing Director of Ashton-Tate, VP International for MathSoft and CEO of Monactive. He is the author of 20 books which have sold in total over 2 million copies. Titles include How to be a Brilliant Thinker, The Innovative Leader and Lethal Lateral Thinking Puzzles. He is an expert facilitator of high-level meetings and brainstorms. His talks on lateral thinking, creativity and innovation sparkle with wit, challenge, stories and practical tips.

Industry Expertise (3)


Computer Software


Areas of Expertise (5)



Lateral Thinking



Accomplishments (5)

Top Salesman for IBM (professional)


Came top of IBM Sales School. Had 5 consecutive 100% clubs. National Salesman of the month awards.

Sold over 2 million Books (professional)


I have over 20 books published on innovation, leadership, creativity and lateral thinking puzzles. They have sold over 2 million copies and been translated into many languages.

Managing Director of Ashton-Tate Northern Europe (professional)


I ran all the operations in UK and Nordic for database leader Ashton-Tate.

VP International for MathSoft (professional)


I est up and developed all the international operations for US software company MathSoft running offices in UK and Germany together with distributors throughout the world.

Link Presenter and Keynote Speaker at Successful Selling Conference (professional)


I have spoken twice as keynote speaker and once as MC and link presenter at the ISMM Successful Selling conference - the UK's leading Sales conference with over 1000 delegates.

Education (1)

Trinity Hall, Cambridge University: MA - 1st Class Honours, Engineering

Testimonials (2)

Event Organizer, Event Organizer | Price Waterhouse Coopers

"People enjoyed your inspiring talk."

Event Organizer, Event Organizer | Vodafone

"Many thanks for a super talk at our seminar. The feedback has been extremely positive and you helped contribute to a very successful event."

Event Appearances (1)


Microsoft Customer Conference  Cannes

Sample Talks (4)

How Innovative Leaders Think

In this talk Paul Sloane explains what makes great innovative leaders different from their peers. He gives examples and stories from many walks of life to show how these successful men and women approach problems from fresh perspectives, how they question, how they empower and how they think. It is packed with tips, hints, humor and practical advice.

How to think what nobody else thinks

Packed with examples and stories, this talk reveals how great innovators think, speak and act.

Destination Innovation

This keynote reviews how leaders can set the vision, culture and processes to build a truly agile company.

What is Crowdsourcing and how can you use it?

This talk explains what crowdsourcing is. We review how companies large and small are using it. The talk gives practical advice on how you can harness the power of the crowd.



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4000 to 7500 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee