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Perry Jones - . North Brookfield, MA, US

Perry Jones Perry Jones

North Brookfield, MA, UNITED STATES

Follow Your Dreams! by The 2nd "Most Interesting Man in the World"



The 2nd "Most Interesting Man in the World," provides a dynamic interactive talk elucidating participants in the importance of following their dreams and living their passion. Mr. Jones' unique insights come from a blend of world travel, self-education, college & university studies and a variety of work experiences including; art gallery manager (while knowing Nothing about art!), Family Office Manager (private equity), taxi driver, mattress deliverer, credit card processing, photo analysis of Soviet troop positions & movements, payroll officer's bodyguard, sharing a beer with Garth Brooks & family, getting tips from drunk customers for playing the piano in a swanky Hollywood hotel (while knowing nothing about playing the piano!), rejecting Bill Paxton's friendship (possible Big mistake), traveling across southern China by train without knowing much Chinese and many other adventures and misadventures.

Mr. Jones has developed such theories and algorithms as "Deep Blue: Subliminal Covert Warfare," a theory of hyperspace, an algorithm to separate standard interest from capital gains interest and the Theory of Catastrophic Evolution and Social Entropy."

Mr. Jones is the author of 11 books with 2 more in the research stage.

Industry Expertise (3)

Management Consulting

Investment Management

Religious Institutions

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Personal Finance

Accomplishments (3)

Soldier of the Year Nominee (personal)


Mr. Jones was nominated for "Soldier of the Year" in 1991 - the year of the first Gulf War - while serving in the US Army reserves.

Series 6 Securities License (professional)


Mr. Jones received a Series 6 securities license just 5 weeks after beginning to study for this challenging exam.

Series 63 State Securities License (professional)


Just 5 days after receiving his series 6, Mr. Jones studied for and passed the difficult state securities exam.

Education (5)

Babson College: N/A, Entrepreneurial Studies

Loyola Marymount University: N/A, MBA

Assumption College: Certificate, Pharmacy Technician

Worcester State University: N/A, Business Management 1989

Central New England College: Certificate, Marketing 1987

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Follow Your Dreams, Live Your Passion by the 2nd "Most Interesting Man in the World"

There is nothing more important than discovering your purpose in life and following your passion. By living life as if you have nothing to lose, you gain the opportunity to reach for your dreams. Of those who reach, many succeed. Mr. Jones, as the 2nd "Most Interesting Man in the World," uses examples from his own life to demonstrate the importance of living your passion - and the error of following the typical school-job-career-retirement path.



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1000 to 5000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee