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Peter Campbell, Ph.D. - Baylor University . Waco, TX, US

Peter Campbell, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science | Baylor University


Professor Campbell studies international security, civil-military relations, international relations and policy relevance






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Determining Proportional Responses Following Deadly Attacks - February 02, 2024


Peter Campbell, Ph.D., is associate professor of political science in Baylor University’s College of Arts & Sciences. He is the author of two books: “Military Realism: The Logic and Limits of Force and Innovation in the U.S. Army” and “Farewell to the Marshal Statesman: The Decline of Military Experience Among Politicians and its Consequences.”

Campbell studies international security, civil-military relations, strategy and national security decision-making, international relations scholarship and policy relevance, insurgency and counterinsurgency, the just war tradition, unconventional warfare and advanced military technology, military culture, and the effects of cyber capabilities on conflict escalation.

Areas of Expertise (4)

Just War Theory

International Relations

International Security


Education (3)

University of Notre Dame: Ph.D., Political Science

King’s College London, United Kingdom: M.A., War Studies

University of Winnipeg, Canada: B.A.H., Philosophy

Media Appearances (7)

Hamilton’s warning: Trump and threats to democracy in America

Washington Examiner  online


In this column, Peter Campbell, associate professor of political science, writes about Alexander Hamilton, who warned that thwarting the political desires of a significant portion of the public could pose a grave threat to democracy.

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Ukraine-born professor to Baylor University crowd: Prepare for long war

Waco Tribune-Herald  online


Sergiy Kudelia, Ph.D., associate professor of political science, who visited his native Ukraine just weeks ago, shared a sobering prediction with a Baylor crowd anxious to know how the Russian invasion of the nation would end. Also quoted are Baylor political scientist Peter Campbell, Ph.D., a specialist on international security and international relations, and history professor Julie deGraffenried, Ph.D., who focuses on modern Russia and the USSR.

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Blame Biden, Not the Military

City Journal  online


Peter Campbell, Ph.D., associate professor of political science and international security scholar, penned a column for City Journal, in which he discusses who deserves scrutiny following the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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ESSAY: Ulysses S. Grant’s Civil War Memoir and Strategy

Classics of Strategy and Diplomacy  online


Grant’s memoir should be ranked among the classics of strategy. It is seemingly inexhaustible, and I do not claim to have wrung out all of its insights here. Grant’s memoir makes it clear that strategy played a key role in his military decision-making. For Grant, strategic concerns sometimes outweighed the more traditional military concerns with supply and logistics. At the same time, Grant knew when a slavish adherence to policy was harmful to the overall strategic aim, as when he paroled the prisoners at Vicksburg. His memoir also makes clear that Grant was exceptionally gifted at reading people and assessing their character for strengths and weakness.

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Central Texans react to U.S.-N. Korea tensions

KWKT-TV (Waco, Temple, Killeen/FOX)  tv


VIDEO: Peter Campbell, Ph.D., assistant professor of political science in Baylor’s College of Arts & Sciences, is interviewed about the prospect of an armed conflict between the United States and North Korea. “The actions of the United States are going to play a very important role in how that competition is managed going forward,” said Campbell, who teaches international relations. He said he believes that the Chinese will act to reign in North Korea and that it is unlikely that the United States will go to war.

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President Trump Prepares for Summit with North Korea

KWTX-TV (Waco, Temple, Killeen/CBS)  tv

International security scholar Peter Campbell, Ph.D., assistant professor of political science in Baylor’s College of Arts & Sciences, sat down with KWTX-TV’s Pete Sousa to discuss the historic summit between President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. Much of the talk leading up to the summit has been about the denuclearization of North Korea. “‘Denuclearization,’ the very term, is going to be up for interpretation by both sides,” Campbell said, adding that the summit is a starting point for the two leaders and diplomatic talks are expected to continue in the days and weeks following.

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FLASHPOINT UKRAINE: Departing Europe, Biden affirms support for Ukraine

Voice of America  online


AUDIO: Baylor international relations expert Peter Campbell, Ph.D., joins the Voice of America program Flashpoint Ukraine to discuss the war in Ukraine one month into the conflict and the recent NATO, G-7 and European Council meetings. Dr. Campbell’s interview begins at the 8:30 mark.

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Research Grants (5)

Carnegie Policy Relevance Project

Carnegie Corporation of New York 

2015 - 2017 $462,482 - $30,000 to Baylor for summer salary and additional funds for Baylor student researchers

General and Mrs. Matthew B. Ridgway Military History Scholar

US Army Military History Institute, Carlisle Barracks, PA 

2012 - 2013 $1000

Moody Research Grant

Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library 

2012 - 2013 Austin, TX ($2,400)

Professional Development Award, Zahm Research Travel Grant

The Graduate School, University of Notre Dame 

2012 - 2013 ($3,000) – For research Kennedy Library

Graduate Student Research Award

The Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts, University of Notre Dame 

2012 - 2013 ($2,000) – For research National Archives, D.C.

Articles (3)

Generals in Cyberspace: Liability or Asset


Forthcoming Spring 2018

Nukes, Guerrillas, and Kennedy’s Army: A Theoretical Reassessment

Journal of Global Security Studies

Under revise and resubmit at peer-reviewed international security journal

The Origins and Implications of Military Autonomy

The Review of Politics

Under review at peer-reviewed political science journal