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I have a lot of blue collar and semi-white collar experience. I've worked as a dish washer, clerk typist, lumber mover, State chore worker, min-golf course maker, after-school youth organizer, and physical therapy technician (RA91J20). This is just a few. I'm a a Vietnam era Veteran and that is when I worked on the wounded coming home. I've been fortunate enough to also work with people's minds as a senior staff member of the adolescent unit at the Hawaii State Hospital. Despite being in the theater, I have never been a waiter. I think I would have been a good one. It was in the year 1964, when the subject of consciousness was a subject most suspect that I had a nice vision of the connection of theater to the mind. So, my goal is to be at least be around when a theory of consciousness becomes a reality.

I'm a motivational speaker. I am a highly unusual one because I practice a rare form of the genre. Instead of adding bricks of wisdom to the edifice of people's aspirations, I spend my time with them, genuinely and humorously, pulling out the bricks of their beliefs. The effect triggers in the audiences minds an effort to maintain their identity. This is the boot camp of motivational speaking. The military does not strip people of their identities so that they can be rebuilt in the image of the corps. This is the common belief. No, what is actually happening is the shouting drill sergeants are compelling the recruit to dig down into a place where they find strength, strength they didn't know they had. I don't yell, I am more sinister I seduce with humor.

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St. David's School: Squeaked through, General 1956

I used to be shy about my lack of education, but I wear it with honor now. I have worked in education at different times in my career, including teaching in 3 colleges here in Hawaii. My finest education came to me through my Father, one of the great minds of the last century, Jean Charlot.