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Peter Fogel - Peter Fogel Presents LLC. Delray Beach, FL, US

Peter Fogel

President, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer | Peter Fogel Presents LLC


How to Make Your Next Event a Rousing Success... Without the Stress with Peter "The Reinvention Guy" Fogel








Many people have options in their life. One is to fulfill “the cookie cutter” life their parents have outlined for them and, or, to play it safe.

The other is to really go for it and follow the path that boils deep with inside of them.

So what does a young man who comes from a toxic, dysfunctional family in NY do?

It’s a “no brainer”! He simply enters a “stable” profession like stand-up comedy and make people LAUGH!

Which is what Peter Fogel has done for over 25 years.


He was one of America’s funniest comedians that you’ve never heard of… but have seen countless times on television. From comedy clubs, to cruise ships and Las Vegas theaters, he’s opened for such stars as Rita Rudner, Jimmy “J.J” Walker and Robert Wuhl (HBO’s Arliss).

He’s shared the stage or has worked with Ed Asner, Shirley Jones, Robin Williams, Harry Anderson, Ray Romano, and Jon Stewart. Peter’s also written for such stars as Academy Award nominee Chazz Palminteri (A Bronx Tale, Bullets Over Broadway)

As a studio audience warm-up, he’s worked on many programs including Whoopi, Hope and Faith, Married With Children, Men Behaving Badly (with Rob Schneider), Unhappily Ever After and The Howie Mandel Show. He’s also hawked products on TV and radio for such sponsors as Mazda, American Express, and Wisk Detergent. (Peter was the Ring Around the Collar Man). His comedy material has been quoted in the ComedyQuote Dictionary (Double Day 1992).

Tired of the uncertainty of show business -- Peter Fogel needed a change... a big one. Which led him to reinvent himself into a direct response and radio copywriter with his own company, Peter Fogel Presents LLC. . And THIS "The Reinvention Guy" was born.

Peter proudly belongs to the Writer’s Guild of America and was a member of the famed Warner Bros. Television Writers Comedy Workshop (class of 1999) He’s also written for the writing team of Blake and Jackson (Sliders,The Adventures of Lois & Clark) and for Germany’s #1 sitcom — their only one — “Rita’s World.”

As an in demand copywriter/consultant/speaker Peter specializes in delivering high response direct mail, website, and radio copy.

Currently, Peter gives keynote speeches on humor and reinvention to corporations and associations, as well as teaches entrepreneurs public speaking and comedy writing techniques.

Industry Expertise (3)

Corporate Training

Direct Marketing


Areas of Expertise (2)

How to Reinvent Your Career

Worlds’s Best Kept Copywriting Secrets

Accomplishments (9)

Corporate Trainer for National Seminar Training (professional)

I train new copywriters in the craft of persuasive copywriting.

Comedy for Autism - Laughter Helps Heal and Brings Awareness (professional)

Along with my Radio Co-Host Anna "The Armenian Goddess" Collins, we started Comedy for Autism. We raise money and awareness for this disorder with our live shows. For more info, visit

Public Speak Like a Pro (professional)

Author, Copywriter and Keynote Speaker Peter Fogel became a Public Speaking Coach and Info Marketer with his NEW website Peter Fogel takes his over 25 years of being a corporate speaker & trainer, improvisational theater actor, stand-up comic, comedy writer, mime and sitcom warm-up -- and shows how any new speaker can win over any audience... any time... any place. Guaranteed! Sign up for Peter "Speak Up!" E-Newsletter at: http://www/

Warner Bros Writers Workshop (Class of 1999) (professional)

Past member of the famed Warner Bros Writers Workship. 1500 applicants only 25 members are chosen for this exclusive workshop.

"If Not Now... Then When? Stories and Strategies of People Over 40 Who Have Successfully Reinvented Themselves!" (professional)

Author, Corporate Trainer and Humorist Peter "The Reinvention Guy" Fogels reveals in detail how he and ordinary Americans became extraordinary in their quest for new lives and careers. Through author's Copywriting and Marketing expertise, this book became an best seller. For more info and to sign up for Peter's 4-In-1 Total Success Reinvention package visit

"Reboot Your Career: 27 Ways to Reinvent Yourself in the Workplace (If You Still Have a Job) (professional)

Author, Radio Host and Humorist Peter "The Reinvention Guy" Fogel show bosses and workers how to effectively work together so they can reach their goals... all through the art of reinvention! (Fell Publishers) visit

The Boomer Copywriter (professional)

It takes a boomer to know a boomer. Author, Copywriter Peter Fogel specializes in marketing to the largest and wealthiest aging population in America: the baby boomers. Coming soon in 2012

Co-Host of Its BEYOND COMPLICATED: The Boomer Humor Radio Show (professional)

Co-host of the #1 Self-Indulgent help program on Internet Radio. Topics include, Celebrity Interviews, Careeer Reinvention, Public Speaking, Topical Lampoons, Wine Selection, Experts Interviews... in a nutshell -- everyting to entertain and inform the Baby Boomer to have a better quality of life. The show's motto is "Strategies that work.... conversations that make you laugh!"

Corporate Trainer at National Seminar Training (professional)

I train new copywriters in the craft of persuasive copywriting.

Education (4)

American Writers and Artists: Direct Marketing/Copywriting

The Second City : improvational comedy, improvisational theatre, theatre games 1980

SUNY at Purchase: BFA, Theatre Arts

The Second City : improvisational comedy, improvisational theatre, theatre games 1980

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  • National Speakers Association
  • Writers Guild of America
  • Direct Marketing Club of Florida
  • Florida Speakers Association

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Strike While “Your Irony” is HOT: Overcoming Adversity With Laughter (KEYNOTE) (work/life balance)

Your audience will discover: * How to LAUGH, Put YOUR Obstacles Into Perspective & Then Turn Them Into Golden Opportunities! * How to Fine Tune Your Humor Radar 24/7 * Four Ways To Effectively Use YOUR Funny Bone– & Have The Time of Your Life Doing It! * Discover how to laugh at yourself (and if not… how to laugh at others) * How to Use LAUGHTER to Improve Your Health & Wellbeing at Work and at Home



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