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Peter Lin - Diabetes Canada. Toronto, ON, CA

Peter Lin Peter Lin

Director, Primary Care Initiatives | Diabetes Canada

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Dr. Peter Lin lectures and speaks throughout the world and maintains two busy family practices in Toronto.





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Dr Peter Lin MD Dr. Peter Lin on Changing the Culture of Medicine--- POP@UofT




Dr. Peter Lin began his studies in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario. Midway through, he moved to the Faculty of Medicine, where he completed his studies and became involved in research. Over the years, it became apparent to him that there was a wide chasm between research and clinical practice, and he moved into clinical practice in primary care and eventually into teaching in order to help bridge this gap. He served as the medical director at the Health & Wellness Centre, University of Toronto Scarborough, for 7 years. Currently, he is the Director of Primary Care Initiatives at the Canadian Heart Research Centre. He lectures and speaks throughout the world and maintains two busy family practices in Toronto.

Dr. Lin is a consultant for Perspectives in Cardiology, and is on the editorial board of The Canadian Review of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias (formerly, The Canadian Alzheimer Disease Review). He has been the chairman of the Dementia Congress in the US for the last 4 years. He has also served on the editorial board of Pri-Med, a US company that provides education for physicians. Dr. Lin received a teaching award from the College of Family Physicians in 2011.

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Training and Development

Health Care - Services

Health and Wellness


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Clinical Research

Clinical Practice

Diabetes and Dementia


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Teaching Award (professional)


Awarded by the College of Family Physicians.

Education (1)

University of Toronto: MD., Medicine

Affiliations (2)

  • Canadian Heart Research Centre : Director Primary Care Initiatives
  • Practice Update Primary Care : Associate Editor Elsevier WebPortal

Media Appearances (3)

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The CBC's Dr. Peter Lin says research by Cheung and others is changing the understanding of the relationship between thirst and dehydration. "Instead of striving to replace every drop that you sweat out, it now appears that a little thirst isn't the end of the world," Dr. Lin said. The findings don't mean drinking during your workout is a waste of time, but that how much you need may depend less on the fluid levels in your body than on what's going on in your brain...

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Proper Eye Care Vital For Diabetics

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Although controlling blood sugar and blood pressure significantly lowers the risk for retinopathy to develop and progress, you can’t reverse the damage. Still, “if you eat healthy, exercise, and get your sugars down — you’ve just reduced future damage tremendously,” says Dr. Lin.

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CBC's Dr. Peter Lin on how to make your own house calls

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CBC's medical columnist Dr. Peter Lin says doctors often perform simple tests on patients to predict who's going to get into trouble, but they just don't tell them about it. "All day long we're ordering blood tests, we're ordering fancy scans and stuff like that," he told The Early Edition's Rick Cluff...

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The ABCDEs of a Healthy Lifestyle

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