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Peter McLean - Lamplighter Performance Consulting. Perth, Western Australia, AU

Peter McLean

Managing Director | Lamplighter Performance Consulting

Perth, Western Australia, AUSTRALIA

The world's only expert in professional giftedness - a dynamic, interactive and inspiring speaker.





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Peter McLean believes in professional “giftedness” and can help you attain it to drive both business and personal success.

He is a leader, consultant, coach and thought leader and his expertise across three continents has provided him with the tools to help others develop their own talents and leadership and reach their own high performance.

Through Peter’s guidance you can dramatically improve your individual and organisational performance to create extraordinary results, with his work delivering millions of dollars of value to clients.

An expert in leadership, communication and human development, Peter has coached scores of senior executives, leaders, business owners, managing directors and chief executive officers.

As an individual, Peter has faced many challenges of his own.

He took an unusual route to success, leaving his IT career as a young man to fund his way to unique studies in the United States.

He travelled to Texas University to study leadership and complete a multi-disciplined degree including public speaking and communication, and business.

He excelled in academics and leadership and undertook a career in education, including studies with some of Canada’s renowned educational psychologists.

He then returned to Western Australia where he quickly secured a school administrator role, before taking his expertise back to the business world to help organisations and business leaders achieve greater success.

He overcame the challenge of parenting a child with a disability, which helped teach him the importance of building personal growth and development in others.

Peter also managed to grow a successful consulting business in the middle of a global financial crisis.

Yet it is this broad experience and diverse background in private business, government, schools and universities on three continents that makes Peter relevant to a variety of audiences.

His exposure to a myriad of industries has provided a wealth of real-life experience and endowed him with a talent for communicating things that matter.

He boasts qualifications in business, IT, psychology and education. Through his PhD he researched high-performing professionals and created his professional giftedness model.

Peter aims to make every presentation create change. As a speaker, facilitator or workshop leader he brings warmth, intellect and passion to every engagement.

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Corporate Leadership

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Personal Growth

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Professional Development

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Sample Talks (1)

Being a Gifted Professional - Maximise Your Performance, Leadership and Aspirations

High performing professionals draw on their gifts to deliver extraordinary results. Unfortunately, too many people allow their gifts and the talents of those around them to be squandered, hindering success. Peter draws on his original doctoral research and decades of experience in developing and coaching professionals, learners and leaders to show how you can perform and be an inspired leader, achieving your goals. This is a highly interactive presentation, getting audience members up on stage.


  • Keynote
  • Moderator
  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Host/MC


4000 to 10000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee