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Peter O'Blenis - Flick Software Inc. Ottawa, ON, CA

Peter O'Blenis Peter O'Blenis

COO | Flick Software Inc

Ottawa, ON, CANADA

Enterprise Mobile Apps and IT in Health Care Research





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Peter's expertise lies in three primary areas:
1. Mobile software applications for the enterprise
2. The use of software in clinical research
3. Creating, funding and growing companies

Mobile Software Applications

Peter is currently COO at Flick Software, a firm specializing in customized mobile application development for the enterprise. Peter has been involved in the delivery of integrated custom mobile applications for a broad range of business customers including national materials suppliers, postal services, transit authorities and consumer product manufacturers. Peter can speak to the different approaches for mobile-enabling both products and organizations as well as the opportunities and pitfalls that must be considered. He can provide tangible and engaging examples for a broad spectrum of these scenarios.

Software for Clinical Research

Peter co-founded TrialStat Corporation in 2001 and co-led that organization for 7 years. In this role he participated in the development of two successful software
products for the clinical research market. This included one of the first web-based patient record systems for clinical trials as well as the first commercially available software package for systematic literature reviews. In 2008 Peter co-founded Evidence Partners, a firm specializing in software for health technology assessment. Both firms remain operating today.

Peter is a recognized expert in the use of software for systematic literature reviews, a research approach used in evidence-based health care, and has published numerous books and papers on the subject in addition to presenting at clinical research conference around the globe.

Creating Funding and Growing Companies

Peter is a serial entrepreneur, having founded or co-founded three successful software companies: one in the video game market and two in clinical research. With fellow founders, he has raised $15 million in venture capital and leveraged more than $2 million in government programs.

Peter's companies have ranged in size from 4-person shops to firms with 75+ staff with top-line revenues ranging from $500k to $5 million+. In addition to his own firms, Peter has worked with other start-ups and small firms in various management capacities. Peter has expertise in what it takes to start and grow a software business in Canada.

Industry Expertise (6)

Computer Software

Medical Equipment / Supplies / Distribution

IT Services/Consulting


Information Services


Areas of Expertise (3)

Starting and Growing A Software Business in Canada

Mobile Business Solutions: Extending Business Applications Beyond the Desktop

Use of Software in Systematic Reviews to Produce High Quality Results Much More Faster.

Education (2)

Carleton University : Bachelor, Computer Science, High Honours , Computer Science 1993

Queen's University : MBA, Business 2000

Event Appearances (8)


2009 Cochrane Colloquium  Singapore


International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) Asia-Pacific Conference  Seoul, Korea


12th Annual EDC and Beyond Conference  Las Vegas, NV


Society for Clinical Data Management Fall Conference  Chicago


14th International Cochrane Colloquium, 2006  Dublin, Ireland


4th Annual Canadian Cochrane Symposium  Montreal Canada


5th Annual Campbell Colloquium  Lisbon, Portugal


12th Cochrane Colloquium  Ottawa, Canada

Sample Talks (3)

Software for Evidence-Based Research

A great deal of literature-based research still relies heavily on paper and manual processes for the collection, collation and distillation of research materials. These manual processes are expensive, time consuming, susceptible to significant error, and very difficult to manage - particularly with geographically separated teams. Software-based solutions now exist that can significantly address all of the above issues while also adding reproducibility, transparency and auditability to the process. This talk will take a product agnostic approach to exploring the different solutions that exist, best practices for their use, and the measurable improvements that they bring to the process. Real-world examples will be used to illustrate key points.

Why Every Business Needs an App

Regardless of what type of business you are running, chances are you need a mobile app. Types of mobile applications that organizations can leverage include the following: - Custom Mobile Enterprise Applications – Extending your enterprise applications beyond the walls of your organization to empower your mobile and offsite workforce. Mobile Extensions for Existing Products – Allowing you to offer a mobile extension of your existing software product to your customers. Standalone Mobile Applications – Powerful stand-alone applications that run on mobile devices to solve real-world needs, entertain, or allow you to connect directly with your customers. This talk will focus on the myriad of ways in which organizations can leverage mobile applications to extend their reach and empower their stakeholder. Showcase example applications demonstrating outstanding business value and/or outside-the-box thinking will be included.

Effective Use of Mobile Devices in Health Care

Many subgroups within health care have been using mobile devices for some time with broad degrees of success. This talk will cover what has worked, what hasn't, and why - with plenty of real life examples. We will discuss the common traps to avoid and the key hallmarks of success when integrating mobile solutions in different health care settings.



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