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Peter Sage is a well-known international serial entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in growing fast-paced enterprises. During that time he launched, operated and brought to success over a dozen companies, six of which large enough to qualify for the Entrepreneurs Organisation membership. He served as the Chairman of the London YES Group (the largest personal development organization in Europe) and currently serves on the Entrepreneurship Advisory Board for INSEAD – a global top-five business school and one of the world leaders in the field of entrepreneurship education.

Most recently Peter founded Space Energy – a multi-billion dollar project focused on generation and transmission of clean energy and commercialisation of Space Based Solar Power. A world and game-changing technology with enormous humanitarian and environmental benefits that has already secured interest from several major governments.

At 18 years old Peter wrote and published his first book on health and fitness, ‘Supreme Physique’. He is the Co-author of ‘Lessons Learned from the Recession’ from the Business Leaders Book Club and his latest book ‘5 Keys To Master Your Life’ became an Amazon No. 1 best seller in Japan in its first week. Peter has also written dozens of articles published in numerous magazines, newspapers and journals over the last two decades. As an expert in human behaviour and motivation he has spoken on 5 continents and is frequently asked to deliver keynote addresses, entertaining and inspiring audiences across the globe. His clients include: Deutsche Bank, Fitness First, Royal Bank of Canada, EO, and many others.

• Twice nominated for the "Extraordinary Lives Award" by the largest Social Entrepreneurs
organisation - XL Nation
• First Global Ambassador for Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organisation - CEO
• Listed in the Cambridge Who’s Who of global directory of business professionals
• First recipient of the Honorary Life Member award for outstanding contributions to the
London YES Group

Peter is an expert in personal development and is committed to bringing those skills and experience to a global audience. He is a qualified trainer for Robbins Research International (as recognized by the Robbins-Madanes Institute), a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and a qualified Navigator for ‘Life-Pilot’.

Industry Expertise (6)

Professional Training and Coaching

Training and Development

Corporate Training

Corporate Leadership


Renewables and Environmental

Areas of Expertise (8)

Living the Life of an Entrepreneur

Ultimate Time Management

Solving the Health Puzzle

Understanding Relationships

Leadership That Counts

Raising Your Standards

The Psychology of Behaviour

Business Mastery Workshop

Accomplishments (20)

Active Member of Entrepreneurs Organisation (professional)


So far, Peter has brought to success 6 companies large enough to qualify for the Entrepreneurs Organisation membership in different industries. Some of the most notable include; The World Wide Health Corporation, an anti-ageing corporation he founded in 1998 that he quickly took to USD $4M in revenue. The Energie Fitness Group, which he co-founded in 2002 and is one of the UK’s fastest growing chains of health & fitness centers and the winner of numerous prestigious industry awards.

Chairman of the London YES Group (professional)


In 2004 Peter served as the Chairman of the London YES Group, the largest personal development organization in Europe, and was the first recipient of their highest level of recognition, that of Honorary Life Member, one of only three people ever to receive the award for outstanding contributions to the organization.

Entrepreneurship Advisory Board for INSEAD (professional)


INSEAD is a global top-5 business school which aims to become the acknowledged pole of excellence in the field of entrepreneurship with a focus on business building. It helps to design and implement initiatives that accelerate the entrepreneurial ambitions of students and alumni and turn INSEAD into a catalyst for entrepreneurship initiatives in Europe and Asia.

Chairman Space Energy Group (professional)


Peter's latest venture, Space Energy, is an ambitious attempt to commercialise Space Based Solar Power and bring the vast environmental and humanitarian benefits of this multi-billion dollar project to the world.

First book published at 18 (professional)


At 18 years old Peter wrote and published his first book on health and fitness, ‘Supreme Physique’.

Co-author of 'Lessons learned from the recession' (professional)


Peter is the Co‐author of ‘Lessons Learned from the Recession’ from the Business Leaders book Club in which he discusses how he as able to advance his bold vision for space-based solar power even during the tough period of the recent recession.

Amazon no.1 best-seller in Japan (professional)


Peter's latest book ‘5 Keys To Master Your Life’ became an Amazon No. 1 best seller in Japan in its first week, and has since sold over 100,00 copies. Soon to be released in English.

Expert on human behaviour and motivation (professional)


Peter is a highly sought after international keynote speaker, motivation specialist and expert in human behavior who entertains and inspires both public and corporate audiences all over the world, having spoken on 5 continents to date. His client list has included the likes of Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Fitness First and many others.

Twice Nominated for 'Extraordinary Lives Award" (professional)


Peter has been featured in numerous publications worldwide and was last nominated for the prestigious 2008 ‘Extraordinary Lives Award’ by the world’s largest social entrepreneurs organization, “XL”, of which he is a life member.

Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (professional)


Peter was a professionally qualified member of CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) for 2005 & 2006.

Qualified Navigator (professional)


Peter is also a qualified Navigator for the world-renowned ‘Life-Pilot’ organization - a values based organisation that delivers programs that are a catalyst for positive personal change and growth.

Psychotherapeutic Intervention and Human Needs Psychology (professional)


As a trained specialist in Psychotherapeutic Intervention and Human Needs Psychology, Peter spends up to one month each year travelling and volunteering internationally to mentor and train people from diverse backgrounds; from students to super achievers and successful businessmen as well as working directly with the homeless, drug addicts, trauma & abuse cases.

Global Ambassador for CEO (professional)


Peter was recently appointed as the first Global Ambassador for the highly established and respected student entrepreneurs’ organization, CEO.

Who's Who of global business (professional)


Peter is listed in the 2009/2010 edition of the Cambridge Who’s Who of global business professionals.

Youngest Anthony Robbins trainer in the world (professional)


Peter ranks as one of a small and elite number of officially qualified trainers for Robins Research International, besides being the youngest ever to achieve it, and is a trained specialist in Human Needs Psychology (as recognized by the Robbins-Madanes Institute).

Certified Master Practitioner of NLP (professional)


Peter is a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro‐linguistic Programming (NLP).

Completed the 18th marathon des Sables (personal)


Peter is an accomplished athlete, he also invests considerable time into his physical condition. He is an expert in nutrition, former competition level bodybuilder and has completed several Marathons as well as the formidable 18th Marathon des Sables - widely recognized as the toughest footrace in the world.

Certified PADI diver (personal)


Fully qualified open-water diver.

Dangerous Sports Club (personal)


Long-standing member of the dangerous sports club

Qualified Sky Diver (personal)


Fully qualified sky diver

Affiliations (6)

  • Anthony Robbins Foundation
  • Entrepreneurs Organisation
  • London YES Group
  • Entrepreneurship Advisory Board of INSEAD
  • Robbins Research International
  • Life-Pilot

Testimonials (6)

Grahame Boocock, Senior Lecturer | Loughborough University

I lecture on Entrepreneurship and Small Business at Loughborough University. I recently (November 2001) established a students Enterprise Forum. Peter has a reputation as an inspiring speaker, and he was invited to be our first speaker – he was sensational! Peter talked about "Getting into Business". Speaking without notes, he held a large audience spellbound. He has a punchy style, and established an immediate rapport with the group. I know that he has motivated several students to start up their own business. Of all the sessions I have organized in my 20 years as a lecturer, I have to say this session received the most positive feedback from students. He has my unreserved recommendation.

Kevin Ashley, Leadership Team | Lake Wales Chamber Of Commerce

Peter delivers insight and motivation with enthusiasm and passion. Peter adeptly tailored a leadership and motivation seminar for a diverse group of profit and non-for-profit managers, some of whom were sceptics. At the end of the day they were believers in the powers of motivation and having the perfect day. Peter has that rare ability to communicate his message in an entertaining, thoughtful, and innovative manner. His audience walks away refreshed, enlightened, and inspired.

Paul Elliot, NLP Trainer | Personal Success Programs

Hi Peter, I want to thank you for getting me to think in ways that have transformed my business. You have made me realise the massive importance of thinking creativity not cash. That's there is always a more creative way of achieving my outcomes without the need for money. More valuably though, you have allowed me to tap into a level of certainty I didn't even know I had. There is no amount of risk, no uncertainty that I can't now handle comfortably. Thank you. You are an outstanding coach and an even more outstanding friend. You come from a desire to make a massive positive difference and it shows in everything you do and say.

George R. Zalucki, International Personal Development Trainer | George Zaluki

"I first met Peter Sage when he was a young 18 year old sitting in the audience in one of my seminars. It is no surprise to me that this young man developed into the dynamic, accomplished person he is today. His passion for knowledge, competence and achievement is a model for success."

Joseph McClendon III, Head Trainer for Anthony Robbins | Anthony Robbins - Life Coaching and Personal Coaching Solutions

"Having seen Peter perform on stage, I can honestly recommend him as a passionate, entertaining and thoroughly effective communicator. Peter has a unique and inviting style and a warm connection with his audiences. Not only have his achievements been outstanding but his commitment to sharing his unique insights with others makes the entire experience a life changing event."

Stephanie Bass, Managing Director | Channel Islands Training & Development

As the managing director of a successful training company, my reputation can often ride on the quality of trainers and speakers that we book. In May 2001 we hired Peter Sage to do a key note presentation in front of an audience of blue chip clients in Jersey. He was sensational! And the feedback we received from this one event was exceptionally positive. We then bought Peter back to the Island a year later at a sell out event and, talking on a completely different subject he delivered an outstanding talk in front of some of our biggest clients. Again the feedback from this event ranked amongst our most positive ever and I have no hesitation in recommending him to any corporate planner.

Event Appearances (3)

Go the extra mile

TEDX  O'Porto, Portugal


The future of Enterprise

TEDX  Notting Hill, London


Change the World

Amsterdam University Extra Edition - Entrepreneurs Organisation  Amsterdam University


Sample Talks (5)

Ultimate Time Management

How to immediately triple your productivity in half the time.

Understanding Relationships

Powerful insights and strategies on getting more joy, love and fulfilment from your intimate relationships.

The Psychology of behaviour

How to understand the power that makes us do what we do – and take charge of it.

Business Mastery Workshop

A transformational seminar designed for business owners on how to take their company to the next level.

Leadership that counts

Defining your character as the leader you were born to be.



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