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Phil Sampson

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An experienced and dynamic speaker, I specialise in Business Strategy, Empowerment and Talent Management all of which are key in today's dy



Phil Sampson was a career Royal Marines officer before forming Sampson Hall. He is a proven dynamic and innovative leader with outstanding communication skills.
He has extensive experience on military operations and in intelligence and security, contingency planning and building multi-agency organisations having worked in Whitehall and internationally. Phil has developed, led and managed teams throughout his career; he was Commanding Officer of the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines and Royal Marines Tyne. He has been involved in leadership development, coaching and mentoring throughout his career and is a very strong advocate of subordinate development and continuous improvement. A founding partner with Sampson Hall he has worked on leadership development programmes at home and abroad with national and international organisations.
Phil Sampson has lectured on counter terrorism in the UK to senior police officers, in Switzerland to NATO and partner countries, in the US to the wider intelligence community, in Norway to the North Atlantic Security Council and in Greece to the various security agencies prior to the Olympics. He has also lectured during several UK business events and at Northumbria University.

Industry Expertise (10)




Law Enforcement

Government Relations

Construction - Commercial

Oil and Gas

Business Services



Areas of Expertise (2)

Devising Strategy

Ethical Business Leadership

Accomplishments (4)

Head of HR in the Royal Marines (professional)

Running all the career planning for 6000 Royal Marines

Commanded The Commando Training Centre (professional)

Was commanding officer of over 2000 Royal Marines who served within the centre

Served on the Board of the Joint Terrorist Analytical Centre (professional)

Was head of external services at the start of the extremely successful organisation which brought together 14 different UK Government Departments and Agencies

Formed Sampson Hall Ltd (professional)

A highly successful organisation which delivers a comprehensive suite of success tools to business from consultancy through training to mentoring. Sampson Hall focus on Culture, Leadership and Strategy

Sample Talks (4)


Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail better." (Samuel Beckett) Three leadership lessons and a business audit to enable you to identify and explore new opportunities. Engagement and Empowerment- How many times have you felt your people are pulling in different directions? Discover tools to uncover your people's real potential and individual talents. These will help your business to optimise its untapped potential and gain competitive advantage. Communication and Feedback- Have you ever felt like you are communicating in a foreign language? Understand how you can ensure your message is delivered and understood even in the most difficult of circumstances. Better Teamwork- A truly dynamic and efficient team is built and operates upon trust and understanding. Let us show you how to achieve this level of teamwork in your business. Where are you now? ? The Wheel of Business identifies where you are now and clearly maps out where your business needs to be. "We must become the change we want to see." (Mahatma Gandhi)

Strategy Made Simple

An hour on why strategy is so important and how it can help businesses and organisations to be more cohesive and hence more effective in delivering success. Key tenets are: Know where you are going, Develop an organic plan, Understand what will stop you Identify who you want with you, Use your limited resources successfully. Remember Sun Tzu said "Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat" This talk have you reaching for your own strategy you return to your organisation.

Ethical Leadership

An hours talk designed to make corporate leaders sit up and think about the new business world. Understand what value is and means to each of your stakeholders. Understand the duties of a strategic leader in maintaining the balance between Profit, Value and Brand. Which is the Corporate conundrum.

Modern Leadership

Modern leadership is all about volatility, uncertainty, confusion and ambiguity. this two hour talk is all about how to get the most out of your teams and yourself as a modern business leader. It ranges through engagement, empowerment and trust. What is the culture that pervades the organisation and, if it needs to be changed, how it can be changed. Guaranteed to have executives thinking about how leaders function in their organisations.



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