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Phillip Coule - Augusta University. Augusta, GA, US

Phillip Coule Phillip Coule

Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, AU Health System & Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs | Augusta University


Phillip Coule is an expert in COVID-19 testing, hospital quality & safety, emergency medicine, disaster preparedness, and GRAChIE.




Dr. Phillip Coule serves as the Vice President and chief medical officer for Augusta University Health System, and associate dean for Clinical Affairs for the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University. Coule is an expert in emergency medicine, disaster preparedness and mass casualty triage, and he serves as Medical Director for AirLife Georgia’s helicopter transport service and is on the boards of the National Disaster Life Support Foundation. He is also director of the hospital Emergency Communications Center and helps coordinate the hospital’s emergency response during disasters and mass casualty events. Coule received his medical degree from MCG, where he also completed his residency in Emergency Medicine. He also earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Tennessee.

Areas of Expertise (6)


Mass Casualty Triage

Emergency Medicine

Hospital Quality and Safety

Disaster Preparedness


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First vaping related lung injury hits Augusta



We sat down with Dr. Phillip Coule, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer. He said, “Those that are vaping need to know that vaping is not safe and this could happen to any one of them tomorrow.” The nationwide vaping epidemic has hit home. AU’s top doctor wants to let people know the crisis is serious, even in the CSRA. “We don’t know exactly what is happening in these cases,” he said of the injuries. “Although a large number of them are associated with illicit or not manufactured products being vaped.” Dr. Coule said the issue surrounds patients with unexplained respiratory or lung failure. Hundreds of cases have popped up across the country that health experts believe are due to vape pens filled with THC, CBD oils or some other chemical. He added the one incident locally is just the tip of the iceberg...

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Articles (2)

Mass Casualty Triage: An Evaluation of the Science and Refinement of a National Guideline

Society for Disaster Medicine and Public Health

E. Brooke Lerner, David C. Cone, Eric S. Weinstein, Richard B. Schwartz...

2013 Mass casualty triage is the process of prioritizing multiple victims when resources are not sufficient to treat everyone immediately. No national guideline for mass casualty triage exists in the United States. The lack of a national guideline has resulted in variability in triage processes, tags, and nomenclature...

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Comparison of Two Packable Hemostatic Gauze Dressings in a Porcine Hemorrhage Model

Prehospital Emergecy Care

Richard Bruce Schwartz , MD, Bradford Zahner Reynolds , MD, Stephen A. Shiver , MD, E. Brooke Lerner , PhD, Eric Mark Greenfield , DO, Ricaurte A. Solis , DO, Nicholas A. Kimpel , DO, Phillip L. Coule , MD & John G. McManus , MD

2011 Uncontrolled hemorrhage remains the primary cause of preventable battlefield mortality and a significant cause of domestic civilian mortality. Rapid hemorrhage control is crucial for survival. ChitoGauze and Combat Gauze are commercially available products marketed for rapid hemorrhage control...

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