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Aner Sela - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Aner Sela

Professor | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Aner Sela is an expert on how people make choices and form preferences.


Aner Sela is an expert on how people make choices and form preferences. His work highlights how everyday decisions are shaped by people's momentary experiences and intuitions, the technologies they use, and seemingly unimportant features of the decision context.

Areas of Expertise (10)

Value Perception

Technology and Consumer Choice

Choice Difficulty

Inferences and Attributions

Decision Making

Consumer Choice and Decision Making

Consumer Choice


Multi-attribute Choice

Financial Decisions

Media Appearances (3)

I’m an Expert: How To Know If an Item Is Worth Your Cash

Yahoo! Finance  


Conventional wisdom and so-called ‘never buy’ lists will tell you that there are certain things that are rarely worth spending your money on. Such items typically run the gamut from cheap, low-quality items like single-use plastics or dollar store kitchen gadgets, to spendy status purchases like designer handbags or trendy exercise equipment.

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Smartphones Are Changing How We Shop—And What We Shop For

American Marketing Association  online


One of the most dramatic shifts in retail recently has been consumers’ increased use of smartphones for making purchases and choices. As smartphones are now an integral part of online shopping for many consumers, it is important to understand how smartphone usage might reshape consumers’ purchasing journey.

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How smartphones influence purchasing behavior, human interaction

Denver 7  tv


Emerging research suggests the addiction to our smartphones is perpetuated, in part, by the idea that people view them as an extension of themselves. “Phones have transformed our lives,” said Aner Sela, an associate professor of marketing at the University of Florida. “They’re very personal, but at the same time they have a darker side that we should be aware of.”

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Articles (1)

Product Lineups: The More You Search, The Less You Find

Journal of Consumer Research

Sang Kyu Park and Aner Sela


Consumers often try to visually identify a previously encountered product among a sequence of similar items, guided only by their memory and a few general search terms. What determines their success at correctly identifying the target product in such “product lineups”? The current research finds that the longer consumers search sequentially, the more conservative and—ironically—inaccurate judges they become.

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Aner Sela: Decision Quicksand