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Anuj Kumar - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Anuj Kumar

Associate Professor | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Anuj Kumar’s research is focused on understanding how information technology affects the behavior of organizations and individuals.


Anuj Kumar’s research is focused on understanding how information technology affects the behavior of organizations, individuals and the interactions between them. He also studies the business value of information technology and digital good markets. Anuj is an assistant professor of information systems and management and the William R. Hough Faculty Fellow in the Warrington College of Business.

Areas of Expertise (12)

How Online Product Recommendations Affects Customer Demand

How Technology Can Be Used to Remedy Societal Problems

Technology Enabled Multi-channel Business Operations

Information Systems and Operations Management

Business Value of Information Technology

Online Product Networks

Digital Good Markets


Online Retail




Media Appearances (1)

Is the future of department stores off-price? Macy's Backstage opens in Tampa

Tampa Bay Times  online


University of Florida professor Anuj Kumar wonders if that redundancy could cannibalize the full-price store. Kumar, who studies the impacts of e-commerce, also suspects most of the Backstage items have thin margins compared to the regular stock. So, he posed, will the added foot traffic make it so discount shoppers are more likely to shop the regular merchandise? If not, Macy's Backstage stores will have to get a lot of new customers to make up the lower margins. "Some of these more unconventional ideas get very different results," he said.

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Articles (3)

Digitization and Divergence: Online School Ratings and Segregation in America


Sharique Hasan and Anuj Kumar


We analyze whether widespread online access to school-performance information affected economic and social segregation in America. We leverage the staged rollout of GreatSchools.org school ratings from 2006-2015 to answer this question. Across a range of outcomes and specifications, we find that the mass availability of school ratings has accelerated divergence in housing values, income distributions and education levels as well as the racial and ethnic composition across communities.

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Measuring the Value of Recommendation Links on Product Demand

Information Systems Research

Anuj Kumar and Kartik Hosanagar


Recommending substitute products on focal products’ pages on an e-commerce website can impact product sales in two ways. First, the visibility of a product as a recommendation on other products’ pages may increase its exposure and result in a greater number of its page views. Second, visibility of substitute products on the product’s page may cannibalize its own sales while resulting in greater exposure for the substitute products.

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Why Do Stores Drive Online Sales? Evidence of Underlying Mechanisms from a Multichannel Retailer

Information Systems Research

Anuj Kumar, et al.


We utilize the event of store opening by a large apparel retailer and use customer-level data to estimate the effect of store presence on the online purchase behavior of its existing customers. We find that the retailer’s store openings resulted in an increase in online purchases from such customers. Drawing on the theory of planned behavior and prospect theory, we propose two mechanisms to explain this complementary effect of store presence on online purchases by existing customers.

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How online school ratings accelerate segregation in America | Anuj Kumar | TEDxWaltham