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Asoo Vakharia - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Asoo Vakharia

Professor | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Asoo Vakharia's research and areas of expertise include sustainability, channel selection, green product design and supply chains.


Asoo Vakharia's research and areas of expertise include sustainability, channel selection, green product design, sourcing strategies in supply chains, managing supply chain disruptions and the impact of legislative policies to regulate environmental impact.

Areas of Expertise (6)

Information Systems and Operations Management

Supply Chain Management

Environmental Operations

Green Product Design



Media Appearances (6)

Disrupción de suministros: “Una tormenta económica perfecta”

Voz de America  tv


La escasez de suministros que afecta a numerosos países coincide con una alta inflación en Estados Unidos, por lo cual pudiera convertirse en una “tormenta económica perfecta”. Laura Sepúlveda, corresponsal de la Voz de América, nos explica que esto podría ser una oportunidad para América Latina.

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With shipping bottleneck in California, Florida ports roll out red carpet

WFTV Channel 9  tv


Professor Asoo Vakharia comments on the supply chain disruption and the role played by Florida's ports.

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National supply chain issues will have local effects

4 News  tv


Professor Asoo Vakharia explains the supply chain disruptions occurring at ports in the U.S.

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The pandemic brings supply chains out of the shadows and CSCOs into the spotlight

Supply Chain Dive  online


Beyond the general public beginning to understand what supply chain does, boardrooms recognize how crucial the function is too. There's "more c-suite attention to the role," said Asoo J. Vakharia, director of the Supply Chain Management Center at the University of Florida Warrington College of Business. This happens after a major disruption to the supply chain, like due to a hurricane or earthquake, but the COVID-19 pandemic is different.

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Why panic buying toilet paper is even worse than you think

Tampa Bay Times  online


“They are going to have to figure out how are they going to react when the demand dampens a little bit,” said Asoo Vakharia, talking broadly about the industry, not specifically about Georgia-Pacific. Vakharia is the director of the Supply Chain Management Center in the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida.

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Environmentalism as a marketing tool: Clearwater Beach nonprofit shows how

Tampa Bay Times  online


Government bans are, by their nature, top-down policies. They may ruffle feathers, causing consumers and businesses alike to change long-established behaviors on a dime. But bans are effective at drastically reducing the use of certain products, said Asoo Vakharia, a University of Florida Warrington College of Business professor.

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Articles (5)

Multidimensional Observational Learning in Social Networks: Theory and Experimental Evidence

Information Systems Research

Liangfei Qiu, Arunima Chhikara, Asoo Vakharia


The prevalence of consumers sharing their purchases on social media platforms (e.g., Instagram and Pinterest) and the use of this information by potential future consumers have substantial implications for online retailing. In this study, we examine how product characteristics and the type of information provider jointly impact purchase decisions in a social network setting.

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Product Decoys: A Supply Chain Perspective

Production and Operations Management

Quan Zheng, Xiajun Amy Pan, Asoo J Vakharia


Conventional wisdom suggests that by including a decoy product in the choice set for consumers, a firm can drive consumers to select more profitable non-decoy products. Explanations offered to explain such outcomes are rooted in the psychology of consumer behavior. A scan of retail practice, however, indicates that decoys might also be included in a product assortment for economic reasons.

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Common Retailer Channel Revisited: The Role of Supply Network Size

Production and Operations Management

Quan Zheng, Xiajun Amy Pan, Asoo J Vakharia


This study is motivated by the ubiquitous practical existence of common retailer distribution channels (e.g., a grocery store offering multiple brands of the same product). Demand interdependence (product substitutability) among various brands is critical and thus we investigate its impact on firms’ profits.

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Coordination strategies and analysis of waste management supply chain

Journal of Cleaner Production

Avinash Geda, Vashkar Ghosh, Gulver Karamemis, Asoo Vakharia


There has been an increased awareness among consumers regarding sustainability, especially in regards to recycling of used products. Firms are actively incorporating recycled/recyclable content in their product design to capture these “green” consumers in addition to the traditional consumers.

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Life-Cycle Approach to Environmental Innovation: Cost Structure, Advertising, and Competition

Decision Sciences

Arda Yenipazarli, Asoo Vakharia, Ram Bala


Using life-cycle assessment–based methods, products can be differentiated by the environmental performance/impact during their manufacturing and use life-cycle stages. Some products are reported to have higher environmental impact during the use stage, whereas for others, the environmental impact turns out to be higher during the manufacturing stage. In this article, we focus on those products in the former category, and consider a duopoly setting where profit-maximizing firms decide on their use-stage environmental innovation efforts, advertising efforts to disclose information on the manufacturing-stage environmental performance of their products, and production quantities.

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