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Professor Brendan Gough - Leeds Beckett. Leeds, West Yorkshire, GB

Professor Brendan Gough

Director of Research | Leeds Beckett University

Leeds, West Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM

Professor Brendan Gough is a Critical Social Psychologist and qualitative researcher interested in men and masculinities.



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Professor Brendan Gough - Collecting Qualitative Data Keynote Collecting Qualitative Data Beyond the Interview Keynote - Professor Brendan Gough




Brendan is a critical social psychologist and qualitative researcher interested based at Leeds Beckett University. He has published 100+ papers on gender identities and relations, mostly in the context of gender, lifestyle and wellbeing. His research projects have been funded by ESRC, NIHR, EU, WHO and some charities. His most recent books are: (In)Fertile Male Bodies: Masculinities and Lifestyle Management in Neoliberal Times (2022, with Esmee Hanna; Emerald) and Contemporary Masculinities: Embodiment, Emotion and Wellbeing (2018, Palgrave). He is co-founder and co-editor of the journal Qualitative Research in Psychology and is currently Editor-in-Chief of the journal Social & Personality Psychology Compass. In 2016 he was awarded a fellowship of the Academy of Social Sciences.

Industry Expertise (3)

Writing and Editing



Areas of Expertise (5)

Men’s Grooming

Men’s Experiences of Infertility

Qualitative Research Methods


Mental Health Issues

Accomplishments (1)

Academy of Social Sciences Fellowship (professional)


Affiliations (2)

  • Qualitative Research in Psychology : co-founder and co-editor
  • Social & Personality Psychology Compass : co-Editor-in-Chief

Languages (1)

  • English

Media Appearances (2)

‘An amazing shoot!’: Manchester Village Spartans rugby players bare all to support Worldwide Roar

Sports Media LGBT+  online


The research team, consisting of Professor Brendan Gough and Dr Gabriel Knott-Fayle of Leeds Beckett University, UK, and Dr Michael Kehler of University of Calgary, Canada, are interested to gain an insight into the participants’ motivations for contributing to the Worldwide Roar, their experiences of taking part, their perspectives on the issues the project seeks to tackle, and what impact contributing to the project has on them personally.

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Research Excellence Framework 2021

BPS Policy Unit Blog  online


Most importantly, the much welcomed news of the timely appointment of Professor Brendan Gough as a qualitative methods expert to Unit of Assessment (UoA) 4: Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience.

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Articles (6)

Engendered Expressions of Anxiety: Men’s Emotional Communications With Women and Other Men

Frontiers in Sociology

2021 While the contemporary therapeutic discourse inveigles us to talk about our personal problems, a countervailing neo-liberal healthist discourse, aligning with conventional masculinity norms, presumes that we will manage any issues independently. This discursive tension can be difficult to navigate, especially for men confronted with still powerful traditional expectations around masculinity (e.g., self-reliance; personal control; restricted emotionality).

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Imagining a vibrant [post]Qualitative Psychology via ‘Experimentation’

Methods in Psychology

2021 In this article I reflect on – and celebrate - the increasing eclecticism and creativity within Qualitative Psychology. Diverse forms of hybrid qualitative research, knowledge production and dissemination are referenced, including performative, fictional and digital iterations, and the potential for participant-centred, co-produced, democratic practices is promoted.

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Towards a culturally situated understanding of bullying: viewing young people’s talk about peer relationships through the lens of consent

Journal of Youth Studies

2021 Bullying has typically been defined and studied separately from other forms of gender- and sexuality-related harassment and violence such as dating and relationship violence and sexual harassment, arguably obscuring the complex interrelations between these phenomena. This article is based on an EU-funded project which explored young people’s understandings and experiences of sexual bullying (bullying related to gender and/or sexuality).

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Men’s accounts of infertility within their intimate partner relationships: an analysis of online forum discussions

Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology

2017 Objective: This article aims to provide insights into men’s accounts of infertility in the context of their intimate partnerships.

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Qualitative health psychology research: Diversity, power, and impact.

Health Psychology

2015 This special issue showcases a range of qualitative research projects conducted by health psychologists with a view to promoting greater uptake and development of qualitative research methods in the field. It is timely because qualitative methods have become prominent across psychology and health research and because major health research funders are now inviting qualitative research to help give voice to patient experiences.

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The psychology of men's health: Maximizing masculine capital.

Health Psychology

2013 Objective: Mortality and morbidity statistics show that men on average die younger than women and are more prone to many nongendered illnesses. Social constructions of masculinity have been implicated in men's poorer health, although it is now recognized that masculinity is a complex, multifaceted entity, elements of which can prove health-promoting.

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