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Professor Marina Novelli - University Alliance. Brighton, England, GB

Professor Marina Novelli Professor Marina Novelli

Professor of Tourism and International Development | University of Brighton

Brighton, England, UNITED KINGDOM

She is committed to generating new knowledge on ways in which tourism can play a key role in sustainable development.

Areas of Expertise (6)

Travel Policy

Tourism in Africa

International Tourism

Sustainable Tourism

International Development

Cultural Impacts of Tourism


Professor Marina Novelli is Professor of Tourism and International Development in the School of Sport and Service Management at the University of Brighton. She is committed to generating new knowledge on ways in which tourism can play a key role in sustainable development by stimulating local economies, conserving the environment, developing people and changing lives. Her work has demonstrated to have impact far beyond tourism by contributing to more effective economic growth, improved environments and more inclusive societies. She is the recipient of a special “Africa Tourism Leadership Award” in recognition of her contribution to sustainable tourism development in Africa.

With a background in economics, Marina has written and advised extensively in the field of international tourism policy, planning, development and management in Africa, Europe and Asia, for institutions such as the World Bank, the EU, UNESCO, UNIDO, the UNWTO, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, National Ministries and Tourism Boards, Regional Development Agencies and NGOs. Her areas of expertise include: diagnostic, monitoring and evaluation studies; sustainable development; value chain diversification; community-based development; training needs analysis, workforce capacity building, train-the trainers programmes and curriculum development; governance and institutional development; service standards and optimisation in tourism and hospitality.

Media Mentions (5)

Travel with a vengeance after Covid-19

The Straits Times  online


Tourism professor Marina Novelli, from England's University of Brighton, does not foresee a quick recovery for tourism. "There will be people who may return to travel as soon as they are able to do so once the pandemic is declared over and borders reopen," she says.

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Airbnb kicks off host registration roadshow in UK cities

Short Term Rentalz  online


The company has since appointed Dr. Marina Novelli, professor of tourism and international development at the University of Brighton, as an independent academic advisor for the project, and BritainThinks to support the coordination of the nine roundtables, manage an online form for digital submissions, and develop a white paper of recommendations that will be presented to the government in June.

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Want to See the Mona Lisa? Get in Line

New York Times  online


The phenomenon now known as overtourism is frustrating everybody: visitors, host institutions and host countries, said Marina Novelli, a professor of tourism at the University of Brighton in England. “This perception that I have the right to travel and go wherever I like, whenever I like, is no longer possible,” she said. “We live in a world that is overcrowded, and travel is equally overcrowded.”

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Top Tourism Spots Crack Down as They Become Victim of Own Success

Voice of America  online


"The perception of going on holiday has shifted from being pretty much a privilege to becoming very much a right," said Marina Novelli, professor of tourism and international development at the University of Brighton.

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Global tourism hits record highs - but who goes where on holiday?

The Guardian  online


“When we talk about travel and tourism, we think about beaches, holiday resorts, and iconic sceneries,” says Marina Novelli, professor of tourism and international development at the University of Brighton.

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Holidays, travel and Covid: Professor Marina Novelli | University of Brighton podcast Travel and Tourism in the Age of Sustainability Professor Dimitrios Buhalis Tourism and COVID - Greek Presentation



Accomplishments (3)

Sustainability Leader for Tourism Development in Africa and Beyond


Africa Tourism Leadership Forum - Special Award for “Contribution to Sustainable Tourism in Africa


University of Brighton Excellence in Community Engagement Award


Education (4)

University of Bari: Ph.D., Economic Geography 2000

University of Bari: PG.Dip., Economic Geography and Territorial Planning 1998

University of Bari: PG.Dip., Teaching Human Geography 1997

University of Bari: B.Sc., Economics and Commerce 1996

Affiliations (5)

  • Member, West Africa Tourism Organisation
  • Member, Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Ghana and Ghana Tourism Authority
  • Member, Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife/Ministry of Tourism
  • Member, National Tourism Board of Sierra Leone
  • Member, Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute

Articles (5)

Power in community-based tourism: empowerment and partnership in Bali

Journal of Sustainable Tourism

2020 In a tourism industry historically dominated by outside influences, the island of Bali has striven for greater local resident involvement. Community-based tourism (CBT) has thereby become an increasingly preferred tourism development approach rooted in promises of more inclusive opportunities for community empowerment, a notion reflected in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Overtourism and degrowth: a social movements perspective

Journal of Sustainable Tourism

2019 Overtourism is a contemporary phenomenon, rapidly evolving and underlined by what is evidently excessive visitation to tourist destinations. This is obvious in the seemingly uncontrolled and unplanned occurrence of urban overtourism in popular destinations and arguably a consequence of unregulated capital accumulation and growth strategies heavily associated with selling cities as tourism commodities.

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Overtourism and tourismphobia: A journey through four decades of tourism development, planning and local concerns

Tourism Planning & Development

2019 Over the past four decades, while the increasing demand for mobility, leisure and unique experiences have been examined as key factors in the growth of tourism, the attendant growth paradigm has historically centered around exponential increments in visitation and this has been at the centre of debates concerning the pressure from and dependence on tourism that has come to characterise destination communities.

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Tourism and community resilience in the Anthropocene: accentuating temporal overtourism

Journal of Sustainable Tourism

2019 Global tourism growth is unprecedented. Consequently, this has elevated the sector as a key plank for economic development, and its utility is deeply embedded in political, economic and social-ecological discourse. Where the expansion of the sector leverages natural and cultural landscapes, this applies pressure to social and ecological underpinnings that if not reconciled, can become problematic.

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Overtourism: A Critical State of the Art

Critical Tourism Studies Proceedings

2019 The aim of this Panel is to present cutting-edge research on the overtourism phenomena and to present diverse perspectives from a pool of researchers across the globe. Inspiration is drawn from two projects currently underway and due for competition in 2019.

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