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Victoria Emma Pagán - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Victoria Emma Pagán

Professor | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Victoria Emma Pagán’s research focuses on Roman historians and post-Augustan writers.


Victoria Emma Pagán’s research focuses on Roman historiography, Tacitus, post-Augustan literature, gardens in literature, and conspiracy and conspiracy theory. She is a professor in the Department of Classics in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Areas of Expertise (4)

Gardens in Literature

Roman History

Conspiracy Theory

Latin Literature

Media Appearances (2)

Victoria Pagan, University of Florida – Conspiracy Theories

The Academic Minute  online


Could modern conspiracy theories be traced back to ancient Rome? Victoria Pagan, professor of classics at University of Florida, delves into whether ancient examples can relate to present day theories.

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Almost Any Politician In A Democracy Is A Bit Of A Demagogue

Zócalo Public Square  online


With perhaps one exception, the only current presidential candidate who wouldn’t be recognized as a demagogue in ancient times might be Hillary Clinton—because as University of Florida classicist Victoria Emma Pagán noted, “There wouldn’t have been a Hillary Clinton in ancient Rome or ancient Greece—women did not participate in the government at all.”

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Articles (1)

Tacitean inflections of sincerity

Latin Poetry and Its Reception

Victoria Emma Pagán


Latin literature of the imperial age is rife with moments when the sincerity of the author is notoriously difficult to gage. From the end of Ovid’s Metamorphoses to the beginning of Lucan’s Bellum Ciuile to moments throughout Pliny’s Panegyricus, passages resist sure-footed interpretation. However, Tacitus provides some hitherto-unnoticed guidance: ‘It is no secret when an emperor’s deeds are celebrated genuinely and when with illusory gladness’ (Annals 4.31.2).

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