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Woochoel Shin - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Woochoel Shin

Associate Professor | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Woochoel Shin is an expert in online advertising, media platforms, online reviews, as well as distribution channels and store brands.


Woochoel Shin is an expert in online advertising, media platforms, online reviews, as well as distribution channels and store brands.

Areas of Expertise (8)

Distribution Channels

Media Platforms

Competitive Product Policy

Internet Advertising

Advertising Strategy


Online Advertising

Online Reviews

Media Appearances (3)

The first online evaluation can kill products

Werbewoche (German)  online


This enables a good comparison of how this works. "The first review can potentially influence the entire development of customer ratings," says UF marketing professor Woochoel Shin. According to the study published in "Marketing Science", the first evaluation can influence both the number of further customer reviews and their tone over a period of three full years. The former is related to the fact that a bad first rating leads to fewer purchases, i.e. the product has fewer chances of further reviews.

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Shopping online? Here's what you should know about user reviews

ScienceDaily  online


To find out, Park -- now an assistant professor at the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina -- teamed up with UF professors Jinhong Xie, Ph.D., and Woochoel Shin, Ph.D., to analyze what might cause the variation. By comparing identical vacuum cleaners, toasters and digital cameras on Amazon and Best Buy, they were able to isolate the first review as the variable in how the product fared.

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The Next Kirkland? Online Retailers Create Their Own Brands

U.S. News  online


Online retailers are creating their own brands for the same reason brick-and-mortar stores have long done so: They make a bigger profit, and the items help attract and keep customers. Jet.com launched Uniquely J last fall. Amazon now has Wickedly Prime, AmazonBasics and several other brands. And one new website, Brandless.com, has gone even further. Adamant that it's not a private label, it nonetheless sells only its own goods such as toothpaste, tampons and trail mix.

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Articles (2)

Media Platforms’ Content Provision Strategies and Sources of Profits

Marketing Science

Wilfred Amaldoss, et al.


Some media platforms earn their profits from both consumers and advertisers (e.g., Spotify, Hulu), whereas others earn their profits from either advertisers only (e.g., Jango, Tubi) or consumers only (e.g., Tidal, Netflix). Thus, media platforms adopt divergent strategies depending on how they allocate the limited bandwidth between content and advertising.

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The Fateful First Consumer Review

Marketing Science

Sungsik Park, et al.


This paper uncovers the striking power of a product’s first consumer review. Our analytical model suggests that two key metrics of online consumer reviews, valence and volume, are not independent, but instead evolve interdependently. This interdependence forms a mechanism to transfer a (dis)advantage from a product’s first review to both a long-lasting (dis)advantage in future word-of-mouth (WOM) valence and an increasing (dis)advantage in future WOM volume.

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