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Rachel Fu - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Rachel Fu

Chair, Professor | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Rachel Fu can provide expertise on issues and trends related to tourism, from the emergence of space tourism to COVID-19 impacts on travel.


Rachel Fu is the chair of and a professor in the Department of Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management in the College of Health and Human Performance. She is the director of the Eric Friedheim Tourism Institute. Rachel’s interests include: AI and Data Science in tourism, hospitality and tourism analytics and impacts of climate change on business and communities.

Areas of Expertise (10)

space tourism


AI in hospitality

Artificial Intelligence

Consumer Behavior

Hospitality and Tourism Analytics

Climate Change in Tourism

AI in tourism

COVID-19 and travel

space tourism

Media Appearances (3)

How William Shatner's Blue Origin space trip can reignite passion for science

ABC News  tv


William Shatner will take part in an 11-minute space flight aboard Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin's New Shepard NS-18 craft. Rachel Fu, the chair and professor of the department of tourism, hospitality, and event management at the University of Florida told ABC News that for many people, space tourism is a long way away, but with every successful trip, the industry becomes more of a reality.

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A lot of folks want to get away from it all, as in way away. Is space tourism ready for takeoff?

Philadelphia Inquirer  print


The moon is expected to be a tourist destination within the next 15 years. “I think it’s quite possible, said Rachel Fu, chair of the department of tourism, hospitality and event management at the University of Florida. “I think technology can catch up with our imagination.”

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Who’s Traveling Now — and Where and Why

Wall Street Journal  print


This is a Q&A between Rachel Fu and the Wall Street Journal about predicted travel trends in 2022 based on data.

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