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Rachel Parker - Southern Utah University. Cedar City, UT, US

Rachel Parker

Assistant Professor of Arts Admin / Director of Arts Admin | Southern Utah University


Specializing in arts administration, grant writing, and leadership


Rachel Parker is the director of the Arts Administration program at Southern Utah University. She has been a member of the Utah Museums Association board, the Cedar City Arts Council board, and has served on committees for the national Association of Arts Administration Educators board.

Parker has worked in various types of arts organizations, including the Utah Shakespeare Festival and Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery in Cedar City, the Utah Symphony & Opera and Sundance Film Festival & Institute in Salt Lake City, Inter-Borough Repertory Theatre Ensemble in New York City, The Nevada Arts Council in Carson City, and the Tony Award-winning National Theatre of the Deaf in Connecticut. When not teaching at SUU, Parker works as a consultant for non-profit arts organizations and is on various regional and national committees and boards.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Parker has a bachelor of arts degree in theatre and media arts with an emphasis in stage management, from Brigham Young University and a master of fine arts degree in arts administration from Southern Utah University.







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Industry Expertise (2)


Museums and Institutions

Areas of Expertise (12)

Arts Administration


Leadership in the Arts

Grant Writing

Marketing the Arts

Legal Issues in the Arts

Community Engagement

Experiential Learning


Stage Management

Art Advocacy in Rural Communities

Arts Education Rural Communities

Education (2)

Southern Utah University: M.F.A., Arts Administration

Brigham Young University: B.A., Theater and Media Arts

Emphasis in Stage Management

Accomplishments (7)

Southern Utah Museum of Art Advisory Board

Ex Officio Member

The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival

Utah Respondent for Region 8

The Association of Arts Administration Educators

Conference Committee and Membership Committee

The Utah Division of Arts and Museums

Granting Panel Member

Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival

Past Vice Chair and Past Arts Leadership Chair

The Utah Museums Association Board

Past Member

The Cedar City Arts Council

Past Executive Committee Board Member

Affiliations (7)

  • Americans for the Arts
  • Association of Arts Administration Educators
  • Association of Fundraising Professionals
  • The Cedar City Arts Council
  • Utah Division of Arts and Museums Change Leader Program
  • Utah Museums Association
  • StateraArts

Languages (1)

  • American Sign Language

Media Appearances (2)

What is a Master of Fine Arts in Arts Administration?

SUU Blog  online


Do you love art, but would rather be managing it instead of creating it? If so, a Master of Fine Arts in Arts Administration may be the perfect degree for you.

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Arts Administration Program Nationally Ranked

SUU News  online


“We strive to create graduates who are well-rounded professionals employable in any arts discipline,” said Rachel Parker, director of Arts Administration. “As our faculty focus on the quality of arts administrators exiting the program, it is nice to know that students entering the program have fewer financial barriers than most in this field of study. This national ranking confirms that fact.”

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Event Appearances (7)

The Politics of Play: Using Simulations and Role Playing to Build Cultural Competencies and Emotional Intelligence

The Association of Arts Administration Educators Annual Conference With Dr. Amanda Nelson, Virginia Tech, & Dr. Ursula Kuhar  Indiana University Baruch University - New York City, NY


Leading Change: Executive Leadership Transitions through Cognitive Restructuring

The Seattle Arts Leadership Conference  Seattle University - Seattle, WA


Leading Change: Executive Leadership Transitions through Cognitive Restructuring

The Association of Arts Administration Educators Annual Conference  The University of Wisconsin: Madison - Madison, WI


Locally Sourced: Grant Writing Out of the Box

The Utah Museums Association Annual Conference  Ogden, UT


Academic Impact: Experiential Learning in the Southern Utah Museum of Art

The Association of Arts Administration Educators Annual Conference  The University of Oregon - Satellite Campus - Portland, OR


The Cumulative Apologia: Curriculum Integration and Program Evaluation

The Association of Arts Administration Educators Annual Conference  Hautes Études Commerciales de Montréal - Montréal, Québec, Canada


The SUMA Education Program: Building the Future from the Ground Up

The Utah Museums Association Annual Conference  Cedar City, UT


Articles (2)

Leading Change: Two Executive Leadership Transitions through the Lens of Cognitive Restructuring.

The Routledge Companion to Arts Management

Textbook Chapter, pages 138-154.

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Gender Parity Progress in Arts Leadership: From the Inside Out.

Quarto, Spring/Summer, 2020

Journal Article, pages 8-11.

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Courses (14)

AA 3010 Survey of Arts Administration

Students will gain a basic understanding of arts administration (including general arts management, organizational leadership, financial management, marketing, development, and strategic planning) and apply those theories into practice through the creation of a project arts organization. This course will also give students an overview of the importance of arts advocacy and cultural policy.

AA 3050 Cultural Policy in Context (Study Abroad)

Students will develop an understanding of international arts and cultural policy through complete immersion in the arts and culture of a selected country. Students will become empowered advocates for the arts as they engage with indigenous peoples and policy makers on a global level, in turn learning more about our own domestic cultural policy.

AA 4010 Legal Issues for Artists

This course introduces student to legal issues that affect artists in the arts and entertainment industries. Students also explore issues surrounding employment relationships in the arts, including the role of independent contractors, labor unions and contracts.

AA 6010 Principles of Art Administration

This course is an overview of nonprofit arts administration, including basic principles of nonprofit organizations; organizations hierarchy; basic human resources management; overview of the budgeting process; and basic strategic planning.

AA 6040 Arts Advocacy and Cultural Policy

Students will develop an understanding of arts advocacy and cultural policy at multiple levels, developing strategies to engage with civic, business, state, and federal agencies on behalf of the arts. Students will become empowered advocates for the arts through readings, case studies, discussions, professional practice, and critical analysis of both national and international cultural policy.

AA 6070 Leadership Development in the Arts

Students will develop and apply leadership, management and organizational theory to help organizations better fulfill their mission and vision through the work of staff, board and volunteers.

AA 6080 Visual & Performing Arts Studies

Students will develop an understanding of administrative work in both visual and performing arts organizations. Through theory and practice, students will identify the difference and similarities between the two fields, becoming well-rounded generalists with the skills necessary to promote, maintain, enhance and fund any type of arts organization.

AA 6210 Grant Writing

Students will become familiar with the process of grant research, writing, and compliance. Theory will be applied into practice as students identify real-world organizations in deed of funding, locate potential funding sources, writing grant proposal, and submit those proposals to the funding organization.

AA 6810 Marketing in the Arts

Students will be able to identify and develop arts audiences and to increase earned income through the creation and implementation of a comprehensive marketing plan that includes both traditional and digital marketing efforts.

AA 6850 Professional Development & Projects

This course provides Arts Administration graduate students opportunities for professional development through special workshops and training, as well as engagement with professionals in the field.

AA 6890 Professional Arts Internship

Students will play an administrative role in one of our professional affiliate organizations, putting theory directly into practice as they participate in arts administration in action, preparatory to the Capstone Internship and Degree Defense.

AA 6900 Capstone Internship

Students will link theory with practice as participants in a 12-week residency internship at a professional arts organization. The internship is individually arranged by the student in collaboration with AA faculty and an on-site supervisor.

AA 6940 Master of Arts Final Project

Students in the Arts Administration Master of Arts degree program will demonstrate knowledge of the field through a Final Project, bringing evidence of increasing skills and applying scholarly theory directly into practice.

AA 6980 Degree Defense

At the end of their sixth and final semester, students will present and defend their Apologia (a cumulative portfolio of their time in the AA program) to the AA Graduation Committee.